Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fourth of July Bunting

I had fun making Fourth of July Bunting for this week's project.  It is very easy to make.
I used remnants that I had on hand and even used scraps of worn out linen napkins.  I embellished with small flags, cut out stars and buttons. When all was finished, I strung it on a clothes line, and hung it in our carport (which more often than naught, serves as our covered patio).

I cut triangles of 13 inches in length and 12 inches in width at the top.  I cut 2 pieces at a time on the fold.
I then sewed with right sides together, leaving an opening of one inch on one side of the top and 2 inches on the other side (to make easier to right side out).

After turning right side out, I ironed and top stitched along the edge of top and sides;  leaving a one inch opening on both sides of the top.

Using a zig zag stitch, I sewed on stars and flags.

I added buttons...

I then strung each flag onto clothes line, at the top where I had left the inch of space open.

May your Fourth of July holiday be blessed, as you celebrate our country with family and friends.

Love Pam


Homeschool on the Croft said...

O Pam, the bunting is amazing! You're so talented! I made (cough - very basic!) bunting for our 4th July celebration. It's hanging out right now, but flags and bunting were definitely made without our winds in mind.... I hope it survives the day.
Your bunting has certainly inspired me for making much nicer bunting for next year.
Have a great day
Love, Anne x

What a Wonderful World said...

Wow that is so lovely! I love seeing the little projects you make!

Danielle said...

PAM!!!!! I had no idea you were on, or had a blog that I could soak up! I have missed you so much! I know that's silly, since you are my mom's friend, but you always made me feel like one of your kids, and I have thought about you SO often!
I LOVE the bunting!!!! I am going to start making them today! I have a huge bag of scraps, and it will be perfect! Although with no sewing machine it may be next July before they are ready! ;-)
SO so so happy to see you on here!!!!

Pam said...

Anne, thanks for the sweet encouragement, I've never considered myself much of a seamstress, but I enjoy myself most when in the midst of creating something. I always feel as if I am a kid again. I think it is so awesome to think of you celebrating the 4th of July with us. With so much anti-Americanism in the world, it is comforting to be reminded of our friends.

Jodi and Danielle, how fun to have you on my blog. It is truly a special treat to me, because I have always thought of both of you (as you mentioned Danielle) like one of my own special daughters.
Danielle, I wonder if you could make the Bunting with a poster board backing, and hot glue it on, leaving the same little gap at top to string it up with.
Love you

Elizabeth said...

O my goodness Mom! Its GORGEOUS!!! That is a treasure!

Seeing the pictures of home really makes me homesick. I miss you guys so much. Hearing Dad's voice on my voicemail the other day warmed my heart. I didn't delete the message :)

Marie said...

I am always the last one to see that you update and I get so excited when I see that you did update and I think to myself, "yes I will be the first to leave a comment" LOL! I do enjoy reading everyone's comments though. Its like reading a book.

I just absolutely LOVE your Bunting! It filled me with such worm and cozy feelings for celebrating our nations anniversary. I wish I could sew as well as you do mom. Maybe when I come to visit we can catch up on some of your projects and do a practice session with you again.
I so loved this post mom. I have been holding my tears in side of me the last couple of weeks just missing you so terribly. But today they just gushed out and I couldn't hold them in any more. I am glad I got them out of my system. But then again here they come again as I am writing this comment. I love you and dad so much and I wish so bad I could be back home with you and celebrate the 4th with you.
~ Marie