Monday, August 10, 2015

How to Paint Cats on Rocks

Last week was a busy week for me, with many things that kept me away from "blogland".  I am actually in Colorado as I type this.  I flew back on Saturday and am enjoying being with Steve and catching up here.  I brought my camera this time around, so perhaps I can get some more blog posts done this trip; we'll see. I had this post almost finished on Friday, but just now got a chance to get the last little bit done.  It was definitely a fun activity.

My Grandsons got a book out of the library recently called "Pussycats Everywhere"  It is a cute funny little book that they loved reading over and over again.  Winston even memorized all the names of the cats in the book (about 30 if I remember right).  We decided to paint some cats…and decided to paint them on rocks. I googled "painting rocks" and wow what a lot of great ideas and tiny works of art. I was very inspired and  had so much fun when we began painting that I had a hard time putting the paint and rocks away when we were done and I am still thinking up ideas of how we could paint rocks.  So here is our little rock painting day.  Perhaps it will spark some fun ideas for you.

Lay out a little wax paper, or newspaper for a painting surface and gather some supplies.

I let each of the boys tell me which kind of Pussycat they wanted to paint and which rock they wanted to use. We painted together at first.

Then I let them paint.

 How to Paint Cats on Rocks

smooth flat rocks
acrylic craft paint
paint brushes (don't get cheap kids brushes, get some detail brushes from the art supply store).
paper plates (to use as a paint pallet).
black Sharpie type marker (fine point)
wax paper
Mod Podge or clear acrylic spray paint

 You can search for rocks in your back yard or go to the dollar store and find a whole bag of them for "Guess how much?"… "haha, yes, just a dollar"; these were nice, smooth and clean; ready to go.

Here's how I painted the cats:
I found that starting with the tail helped me place face and paws better.

1. Dip a Q-tip in paint and swirl it down the side of the rock to make a  curling tail.

2.  Dip in paint again, then make  circles for cheeks.

3.  Dip again and make 4 smaller circles for paws that are tucked up under kitty.

4.  Paint triangles for ears.

5.  Fill in the ears with pink.

6.  Add a little pink triangle nose.

7.  Using the Q-tip again, dip it into the paint you want and make little circles for eyes.

8.  Allow to dry completely.

9.  Paint pupils with black paint using a very thin paintbrush.

10.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

11.  Put a tiny amount of white paint on a clean paintbrush, and add a dot of white to each eye and one to the nose, to create the shine accent.

12.  With the same brush, add fur and whiskers.

13. Use a paintbrush or a Sharpie type pen to add lines for toes, or any other details you like once all the paint has completely dried.

15.  Allow to dry several hours until completely dry to touch.

14.  Paint your creation with Mod Podge, or a clear Acrylic Spray to seal the paint and keep it from scratching or peeling off.

Tip:  If you don't allow the paint to dry completely before brushing on a sealer, it may smear a little such as happened to the kitty on the top right… he now has slightly green cheeks as well as eyes.

Pussycats Everywhere!

Here is the reason that the boys loved that little book so much.  He's Elizabeth's cat… well I should say He's Winston's cat (but we all sort of claim him).  He is a true work of art and a family friend… there are actually two family kitties around here, but this one always makes himself very available for photography :) Haha. Hope you all have a little fun with rocks and paintbrushes.  
Enjoy your week everyone!


  1. What a cute idea. We may try this although I am about as UN artistic as they come so IF we do attempt this I wont say which is mine. :) Yours look great and my artistic big boys were even oohing and aahing over them. I like your real live kitty too.

    1. Thanks Nikki, I would love to see what your boys come up with; send me a picture if they end up painting any.

  2. I absolutely loveeeee your cat rocks!!! I wanna try immediately! I love your tutorial with the step-by-step pictures, because at first your cat looked too detailed for me to be able to paint and then the pictures actually showed me I could try it out! I will certainly be making these when I find rocks that are large enough to be painted like that! May have to hit up home depot or something. I think this would be a great idea to paint tons of these and give them out at family get togethers or hide in the playgrounds for kids to find! Thank you so much for this post! Absolutely love it! Found it on by the way! Can't wait to look at the rest of your blog!!! <3 Have a wonderful week!!! <3

    1. Anna, thank you for your sweet comments. You have made my day. I hope that you enjoy painting the rocks. I am sure that it will be easy once you begin; I had to practice a little at first; and then it went a little smoother. Loved your fun ideas. Have a wonderful week also.
      Many blessings to you.

  3. Hello Kitty,
    Now this just so adorable and you always amaze me with your talent and great ideas. I still just love that ladybug you painted years ago!
    Now, Am I suppose to be able to have my painted stones look just like yours?
    Cause I am not so sure that is going to be happening... LOL
    Just precious!
    Miss you, Love Roxy

    1. Thanks for the comments Rox, you surely blessed me. I think of your artistic grandsons, and can picture them painting Rocks… with Gramma Rox hehe.

  4. TOOO cute!!!!! I am thinking that this is something Emma and I should give a try. I am not sure they will turn out as cute as these though. You are one talented lady!! Hugs to you! Camille

  5. Your kitty rocks are adorable! Your grandsons look like they are having a fun time. Love you step by step directions, going to give this a try with my oldest granddaughter.

    Love your real kitty, just want to pick it up and snuggle it.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Can you do more tutorials like this please? They are just too cute

  7. Taylor, thank you for the comment.... you just have made my day, as I have been needing some inspiration lately, and now, I feel it stirred up and inspired to get busy with a new post...haha. I do actually have a few more rock painting ideas, and a few other crafts I have been meaning to post about, so yes, I will get a post together and posted soon. Have a great day; I hope you have some fun painting rocks. :)

  8. What a cute fellows, i am going to try your technique since i was asked in the church to teach the sisters how to paint in rocks, it looks lime a excellent idea for beginners

    1. Thank you Carolinn, I hope you all have fun.

  9. Aw so cute and lovely. Very beautiful. I'm gonna try this out

    1. Thank you. I hope you have fun.

    2. We run a small cat rescue; while looking for ideas on cat related crafts to make for fund raising, we saw your adorable rock kitties.:)
      I was wondering if you'd mind us using your tutorial to help us create rock paintings of the kitties we have for adoption? I'm unsure how they'll look, as I've the artistic ability of a carrot, lol, but I'd like to try. My kids do have artistic skills, so they'll have an easier time.
      We're lucky and live right on the Bay Of Fundy, so we've collected tons of lovely, unique rocks.
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful work, and I'll post some pics of ours when finished.

    3. I would be very glad for you to use my tutorial for your fund raiser, It sounds like a wonderful endeavor. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

  10. Thank you for providing such a great and easy to follow tutorial. I find most too complicated, but yours is clear. And your family's real life kitty is lovely; could be a sibling to three of ours.
    I appreciate your permission, and will post our efforts when completed. :)
    Have a great Easter weekend!

    1. Thank you so much. That blesses me very much. You have a wonderful Easter weekend as well.

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  13. I wanted to paint a kitty on a rock for my son so I tried yours. I practiced on paper first and then on a rock. It turned out real cute. I really liked the tutorial.