Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making a Cake Plate: Part One

I saw this sweet idea at a little antique store in Florida when I was visiting Elizabeth last fall.
I have kept it filed away in my head in the "things I want to try" file, and finally I did.
I thought they might make a nice, yet easy and  inexpensive Mother's Day Gift.
Two candlesticks and two plates from the thrift store.

Glue that works with glass
Glue rim of candlestick,  place plate on top; turn upside down, checking to make sure all is centered... dry according to glue instructions.

More to come.....


Ruby Jean said...

Oh..the Options and Ideas are unlimited with this idea...What a wonderful way to use plates that no longer have a full set they belong to...I can't wait to see The More To Come Part !!!

Very Beautiful and Yes!!! these would make a Great gift...Wedding Gift to.. : )

Have a Blessed day

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Gorgeous, Pam. You, of course make everything look so easy :) ... but I think this is do-able, even for me.. Really lovely x

Kirsteen said...

What a lovely idea!! Must look out for some old plates next time I am out at a charity shop.

lizzy said...

Oh Mom they are beautiful!!!! Way better than the ones in the antique shop! And now I am filled with new inspiration! So girlie and feminine! I hope you post some pictures with them in use, brimming over with cookies and cakes! :) I love you!

Trisha said...

You are amazing, and I'm so thankful you shared this!! I discovered a wonderful country cottage store here (in the Southwest, they are hard to come by!), and she had some of these on display. They were a bit pricey, though. I want to do this with my daughter. Thank you!!

Marie said...

Oh what gorgeous plate stands mom! I was picturing it in my head when you were telling me about it and "WOW" so so much prettier then I could even picture. You are so inspiring and encouraging. I agree with everyone above, can't wait to see part 2!!

LOVE YOU dearly!