Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enjoying My Boys

Been having a lovely batch of boys through the house for the past several weeks.  As I mentioned before, Nathan and his film crew were here (by the way, the photo above is one of the photos taken on the scouting and filming trip;  you have to look closely at it.... it is my favorite...Steve and I just chuckle and chuckle when we look at it.  I am not going to tell you the story about it quite yet, : it is entitled "Photo Shoot Gone Wrong"  Its gotta make you laugh.)  Most of them stayed up at our little mobile home, we call it "The Cottage".  We had  worked to get everything in order for them before they got here.  Steve had to re-do almost all of the plumbing, which was a long and drawn out frustration, but needed to be done, and this gave incentive to put it into overdrive.  It was up and running by the time they got here.  We had a great time, and I had a feeling of the "old days" when all the other kids were home and all their friends were in and out of the house.  I loved having them around. Eddie thinks its the "cat's meow" when the big guys are all home... particularly with all their friends in tow, and all of them taking him target practicing and off on one of their exploratory trips, really makes life bearable for him.  He was in rare form. We all watched a movie together on Thursday night (a film makers assignment).  It was a movie about Ghengis Khan... so you can imagine there was a little blood.  Eddie informed me that it probably wasn't a movie I should watch.  I got a great chuckle out of that.

They all left last Friday morning, after which I drove up to Denver to pick up Russell at the airport.  We are now enjoying his company until Friday.  I am getting chubby again because of all the cooking Luke and I are doing.... I know, I know, self control etc., but I seem to love to eat when everyone is around.  We had a dog that was like that once.  Whenever you came into the room, he would lay down and eat.  He didn't really like to eat when no one was there with him.  We  had another dog that loved to eat whenever food was available at anytime... even in the form of peanuts wrapped in Christmas wrapping and placed under the tree.  She guarded those peanuts valiantly.  Now which dog I am I like?  I really was talking about the first dog... hate to think I am like the second dog, but I do understand her happy thoughts of food.  Okay, there I go.... great confessions on the internet.  Back to the boys.  One of these days, perhaps we will have a family reunion... with everyone here all at once. I love seeing them all together, but haven't been able to  since Elizabeth's wedding (how many years ago is that Elizabeth? I am already loosing track of the years).  The good news, in regards to a family reunion, is that my girls and families are preparing for a visit here in the near future... and Nathan and family may come back for some more film work in another month or so, and Olga is working on a visit as well... so we are having  a family reunion of sorts... one that lasts all summer and fall, .  I am loving that.  I have missed them all so much since they grew up.  

I have come to realize, when my children left home, I went  through quite a mourning.  I know this is a common occurrence it even has an official title: "Empty Nest Syndrome".  It may be more difficult when you have homeschooled them all their lives.  I say this about "when you homeschool", because they have always been with you.  For 20 and some years, you have done every last thing together... well almost. It is a part of all that you are.  It probably wouldn't have been so hard if they had all moved down the street or across town, but across the USA, is difficult.  Thank goodness for telephones, and internet.  People used to talk about "the empty nest", and I didn't really pay attention to it.  I didn't think twice about it... until my nest was empty.  I never knew how hard it would hit me.  But it did.  So we refilled the nest with one last batch. Of course I say this jokingly, for we had always had it in our hearts to adopt. It was not done on an impulse to fill a void, it was a calling that had been in us for years; but it just so happened that it came together after the first nest was empty, and that was kind of nice.   I am finally getting used to the idea of going on to the next phase of life, and am really excited to be the jet set "Grandparents" who travel all over to see their children and grandchildren at "will and whim".... its not all figured out in the budget yet, as to how to do it at "will and whim", but is certainly in the heart. 

Enjoy the pics of the boys... am hoping to add pics of the girls in the next month or two.

You can tell the difference between my pictures and the ones I got from Nathan... his are great quality, from good cameras that he and the guys took; mine are from my phone, and half of them are blurry... but at least I was able to take them and down load them.
Russell, Eddie and Luke... along with half of Toby Mack (I think Luke just got up off the floor... his hair is going every which direction... smile).

 I got these from Nathan, and they are some of his crew, at some of the various places they camped and worked.
Here's Nathan at the Great Sand Dunes.... Looks like the Sahara doesn't it?

That's Colorado for you... deserts and mountains all with in a short distance of each other.

Blessings to all, Pam


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh Pam, what wonderful photos, and what a wonderful time you had with your house full of buzz again. I could 'feel' it - food on the go; chatter going; the door opening and closing non-stop....

I think so often if I live to see the time when all my kids have left home... what will it be like? Will I get depressed? Will I transfer my time and my energy to others who could do with some help?? I often think about these things. I'm not surprised - as you say, especially because we homeschool - that all that busy-ness stopping could make a person struggle a bit.

Good to hear from you again. Loved the post :)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Beautiful! And I love your touching background music as well! Thanks for your visit!

Danielle said...

Sweet Miss Pam,
This might sound silly, but I almost didn't comment on this post for fear of disturbing the "family glow". There is so much "home" in your writing it's like wrapping up in a favorite afghan with a cup of tea and a good book!
I completely understand what you mean about it being hard on homeschool moms when the "nest" is empty. :-( Come soon Lord Jesus, so we can all be together!
Love the pics of the three boys in the kitchen, Russel is such a young man! And of course Nathan's pics are great! I'm sure you are so so proud of him!
I love you, oh, and I can't wait to see you "chubby"! :-D

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Pam, I just loved the pictures. I am having a heck of a time leaving comments.It has not been working at all maybe this one will get through. Would you like to have some more company cause I could come if ya want. Ha-Ha

living from glory to glory said...

Pam I just wanted to read this post again!! It made me cry,empty nest stuff still hits me , everyone starting their homeschoolong year. It al just makes me wanna cook or sew or blog.
Blessings enjoy those all grown up babies!!

The bear tell me about the bear!!

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait for that family reunion mom! And yes it has been almost five years since our wedding, so hard to believe!! Its so great seeing pictures of all the boys! Loved the memory of Eomere and Honey and their eating habits lol!

Love you!!!!!!!