Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and an Update of our Trip

Its always nice to come home after being away.  I love to go and I love to come home again to my own bed.  We had a great visit with all of our family, and saw some lovely sights along the way.  Steve flew back home from Phoenix and Eddie and I drove on to California together.  We stayed at the Navy Base with Russell, and had a great a visit with him.  The ocean was lovely.... I could look at, smell,  and listen to the ocean forever (I envy you ladies who live near the ocean). From there we drove up to Nevada and visited my Mom, brother and nieces.  We came home by way of Utah... a very pretty route. I am posting the pictures that Eddie and I took along the way.  Unfortunately they are unedited, so I think even the bug slpats on the windshield show up in some of them... sorry.

Today is Father's Day.  Happy Father's Day to my precious Dad and my precious hubby and also to my son Nathan, and my sons in law Jon and Benjamin;  to me the best Dads in the world.  Love you so much.
Dad and I  when Steve and I got married.

From desert to mountains to ocean to desert to canyons  to mountains and home.  My camera did me wrong again.... only half of my pictures downloaded.  I had some great ones of Eddie, Russ, the ocean, some seals and more... oh well. perhaps I will get a new camera one of these days.

Have a lovely week everyone.
Blessings to all,