Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

A White Christmas

It looks as if we are going to have a "White Christmas" this year.  Even if it doesn't actually snow "on" Christmas, we have had enough snow in the last 4 days to last us through January.  We started with about a foot  of snow that we got in a storm several days ago, and then got almost two feet yesterday, those two together along with the drifts have left us looking like the North Pole... or so it seems to me... and I think I heard the chickens saying the same thing yesterday when I was trying to dig them a hole in the snow so they could breathe.

Here is the chicken house.... can you see it?  exactly... neither can I.

"Whats that you you say?  The chicken house has has disappeared?"

 "There's no need to fear...."

 "Super Shorts is here"

"Faster than the speed of light"

 "Capable of digging holes through snow in a moments notice."

 "With just a little help from a friend of course"

Look at those hairy knees.  Yes, throwing on the woolen underwear one minute, and shorts with snow boots the next... its definitely Colorado.
 "Don't listen to "Sir Galahad" over there... He is trying to take the credit for the emancipation of the little ladies...."
"Bok, Bok" 

"Is it Christmas yet? Bok, Bok".

"No not yet dear... b, bok, bok."

 "You ladies look smart now..."

 "It was nothin, nothin at all."

 Steve and a couple of our neighbors have been clearing snow with v plows and the backhoe.

 I have been warm and cozy inside baking and making little gifts and getting ready for a cookie exchange... which got canceled.... because of the snow... of course.

 This has been my fun little project this year:  Paper Bag Scrapbooks.

 You use paperbags folded in half; then glue scrapbook paper to each page, or use one sheet to connect the pages.  There are a variety of ways to bind them together, but I did mine by pasting one sheet of scrapbook paper on two pages.

 Half of the pages will be the open mouth of the bag, which provides a delightful little envelope to put more scrape book sliding pages in.. or anything you would like, such as pictures, christmas cards and recipes.
 Decorate the sliding pages so that the outer edge of it is cute, because it sticks out and adds to the  decorations.

 My daughter Marie was given a paper bag scrapbook for a baby shower gift decorated with the theme of her baby room.  It was adorable;  I have wanted to make one ever since I saw it.

You can see the sliding page sticking out to the right, which is decorated with paper and ribbon.
This was fun.  I made them for my friends for Christmas.  They were almost nothing in cost.

Hope you are having a delightful week as you have been preparing for Christmas with your families.

Much Love,