Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Celebrations

I got back home last night from Nevada.   We sure have had a busy month with all of us going here and there and back  again.   I had a restful, quiet  day today, which felt very  nice and I  am enjoying sitting here catching up on a little blogging.  I thought I would post  some pictures from our trip.  As I mentioned in the previous post, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and then went to my brother Dave's wedding.  Steve and I also celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.

This is my brother Dave and his fiancé Elvia on Thanksgiving.

This is my brother Dave and his bride Elvia two days later.  Aren't they sweet?

It was a very precious wedding ceremony at the church, and a lovely reception afterwards.

These little treats were  too pretty to pass up a picture.  As you can see, yellow was the theme color.  I felt a longing to start painting in yellow after I took these pictures...  my fingers are itching.

These are my nieces Rachel and Jessica; and aren't they beautiful?

 Luke with his cousins,

 ...and his grandfather (my Dad).

Jessica, Anthony and Rachel 

 My gorgeous hubby of 33 years  and Eddie

 Mom and I

 Steve and I celebrating 33 years.

 Dad and Kathy (I love Dad's smile... he's so cute).

There are those yummy cookies again 

Steve and Dad (they are starting to look just a tiny bit tired by this time, don't you think?).

 Luke with his Grandma

 The food was wonderful

A new family.  Congratulations you guys.

Jessica and Luke and a friend went hiking up the mountain to catch up with the moon.

They had some fun capturing it.

Jessica said "we took the moon.... but we put it back".  She said "it tastes like the middle of an Oreo Cookie...really"  She makes me laugh.  Thanks for letting me snag your pictures Jessica.

Here are a few pictures at my Mom's house;  I wanted to show you a little bit of her pretty home.
Mom was blessed a couple of years ago with an opportunity to buy a new (at least new to her) home.
She has had fun decorating it.

 She always has pretty flowers in her house.... and I think I have inherited the love of flowers and pretty things from her.
The wall behind this Buffet Table is awaiting a painting that I have started, but haven't finished.  It is a huge canvas of tulips.

This one came out a little blurry, but I liked her lovely fireplace.

Mom got most of her furniture at a used furniture store.  She has found some amazing pieces and lamps and accessories at very low prices.  This couch was a one of a kind that she found there... and not only does it look beautiful, but is so comfortable... and made a great bed for Eddie.

Thanks for enjoying with us.  Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Painting and Decorating Glass Christmas Bulbs

This year for Thanksgiving, we are spending our Holiday with my family in Nevada.  My Mom, my brother Dave and two nieces live here.  We are having a combination Thanksgiving, family reunion and wedding celebration for my brother Dave, who is getting married this Saturday; which incidentally is Steve's and my anniversary as well (our 33rd); but not only that, it is my daughter Marie and her hubby Jon's anniversary.     I think if we keep adding these weddings up at  Thanksgiving time every year, me might have to do something really amazing to celebrate like  going  on a family anniversary cruise or something... that would be the way to celebrate don't you think?  I will post some pictures next week about all our "doings" this week.

I thought while I was full turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, and tired from cooking,  I would take a breather and put my feet up, and browse the internet for some Christmas ideas...and since I am thinking of Christmas ideas, I think I will post some updated pictures of my Painted Glass Christmas Bulbs to spark some inspiration.  I have had fun making these and am thinking you might enjoy seeing them and perhaps making them.  I actually posted about them a couple of Christmases ago, but decided to update some pictures last week.  Click here for the little tutorial from a couple of years ago.
I thought this one worked well as a Shabby Chic Christmas Bulb.

You can use a variety of colors and trims.

 Don't you love all those colors?

Be sure to click on the link above and see how to make them.

Have a great Holiday Everyone.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rainbow Morning

A couple of mornings ago, we woke up to this.  We don't very often see rainbows first thing in the morning.  It was beautiful.  God's promise of hope.
It was a full rainbow.

What a lovely start to a day. Later in the evening, we had a second "Little Thanksgiving" meal of the season, this time with Steve's Mom.  We won't be able to spend Thanksgiving together this year, because she will be in Arizona with one side of the family and we will be in Nevada with the other, so this will be our meal together. Steve's Mama can use your prayers.  She had a biopsy done on a tumor found in her tummy.  The test showed cancer.  Jesus is a healer. We are praying for His healing touch.  She is a special lady, and has remained so positive through it all.  

I made the Game Hens again... polishing my recipe, and giving Steve a chance to try them (He loves spicy food, so it was a must for his taste testing approval.... and yes, he highly approved).
 Now do you think that is a smile or a snarl on Eddie's face... I am taking a poll.

 This is Steve's sweet Mama. Her name is Jo.

The wood burning stove is in regular use now.  The evenings have gotten pretty chilly.   It makes such a cozy close to the day to have the fire crackling in the stove.  I took this photo without the flash; look how the twinkle lights over the mantle lit up like  fire.  I  believe the effect came from the camera shutter staying open longer without the flash. For some reason, it makes me think of God... it must be His glorious light I am thinking of.

Have a wonderful week and a wonderful Thanksgiving

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Little Thanksgiving Celebration

While I was in Florida,  Jon (Marie's husband) suggested we celebrate an early Thanksgiving.  It was a wonderful idea, and so we did.  The girls and I wanted to try some dishes that were a little different than our normal Thanksgiving fare, but still hold to a type of meal that was Thanksgivingish.  So here are some of our pictures and some of our recipes.  At the bottom of this post, I have linked all of the recipes that we posted, with links to Marie and Elizabeth's blogs.  As we get ready for our official Thanksgiving holiday,  I hope you will all be blessed with a Thanksgiving that is more precious and special than previous years.  I hope that you will spend it with those whom you love whether family or friends or both, and I hope that you will feel the presence of our precious Lord in all that you do.  I sense more than ever before, we need to keep thankfulness in our hearts for the blessings that we have.  In "Him" we live and move and have our being; not in governments or kingdoms of this earth.
  I am so thankful to be a part of "His Kingdom".
Little Pies for Little Hands

Game Hens with Cranberry and Adobo Sauce
Little sticky fingers have been taste testing the pies before dinner

Green Beans and Cauliflower  Supreme

Waiting patiently for dinner.
Elizabeth, Winston, Benjamin and Ezra

Jon (There is only a little bit of Jon showing, sorry Jon), Zane, Marie and Ezra

The Highlight for me was seeing the little ones excited about their own special portion.

"This Pie was really belicious"

Look who came to dinner (Jack kept claiming my seat as I got up to take pictures).

Our Thanksgiving Menu

Sweet potatoes with  Feta Cheese
Sour Dough Bread
Pear and Cranberry Pies
Homemade Limeade

Click on recipe links or scroll down to previous post for the recipes.