Monday, August 31, 2009

The dictionary defines treasure as wealth, rich materials or valuable things; anything or person greatly valued or highly prized. The Bible has many references to the word "treasure", and refers to it as silver, gold, spices, fine oil, armor, holy vessels, wisdom, knowledge and the Holy Spirit. It speaks of ill-gotten treasure, treasure on earth and treasure in heaven, treasure in our hearts, treasure in the ground, hidden treasure and found treasure. Throughout the Old Testament, God refers to His people as His treasure or His treasured possession. I love to think of God treasuring us. In the New Testament, God gave us His most precious treasure, His Son Jesus so we could become a part of His eternal treasure chest. Then He placed His Holy Spirit in us so that we could be transformed from chunks of coal into diamonds.

I think of treasure as something I delight in. When I sat down and consciously thought about the things I delight in, most of my list was a list of eternal things and had to do with relationships and friendships. A few things were material things, such as teacups, antiques, books and art, little things, beautiful things. I hope to make this blog a scrapbook of treasure. not the kind of treasure that the world esteems, but the kind of treasure that God esteems and the kind of treasure that delights my heart as well. Maybe along the way you will show me what you treasure and I will enjoy it with you.


  1. So exciting to read this mom! I loved every bit of it!

  2. I am so happy your a blogger now mom!
    I love your post on Treasure! I know you have a lot of treasure stored up to share for all of us and I am so excited!
    I also love the feel of your blog, your music is so beautiful, Elizabeth and I both listen to it throughout the day.