Friday, October 23, 2009

"Where's the Cozy?" continued...

The dictionary defines the word cozy as follows: 1. enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small place. 2. to make oneself snug, comfortable and warm; marked by friendly intimacy.

My girls and I have our own definition of the word "cozy" and it  has become one of our own personal family words, and has often been a part of our everyday vocabulary.  I wonder why?   The answer I think lies in the meaning that we have attributed to it, and how we feel about its meaning.

Family definition: 1).  A happy, safe situation  which delights the heart with a sense of peace and comfort. 2).  To be warm and snug and in the company of  those whom you love, or with a good book in which you delight, often with a fine cup of something warm to drink, such as tea, cocoa or coffee. 3).  A general feeling of contentment derived from a certain atmosphere of quiet joy and beauty;  generally sustained by a crackling fire, a warm bed, or a soft seat,  a good book, something baking in the oven ; especially on (but not restricted to) a cold night, in the presence of a warm cat, or dog. 4).  A quaint tea party of loved ones with no outside factors to hinder or interrupt a delightful and sometimes long awaited chat. 5). A delightful snuggle with the love of your life in a warm bed watching a favorite movie followed by a snack that delights the heart; or as Pooh himself would say; "a little smackeral of something". 6).  A snowy morning, still dressed in pajamas, surrounded by the children/grandchildren in whom you love.

Love, joy, peace, contentment, good books, crackling fire, cups of hot tea, warm cinnamon rolls, soft blankets, good friends, babies in jamies, cushie slippers, cinnamon toast, purring kitties, flannel shirts, pumpkin pie; any pie, hot buns with butter and honey, warm milk, hot bowls of soup, chili or stew, eaten by candlelight, accompanied by warm cornbread, or biscuits, peaceful music 


  1. Oh my goodness Mom! I never put it all together like that! Yes, we have derived our own "Cozy" and I am so thankful you showed us Mom! :)

  2. I always loved "cozy" and it is present every time I visit your home Pam. You define it beautifully! It is something I've been trying to "reach" in my own new home. Love you.

  3. I love love love your, "you might also enjoy" widget! I always click on them and am never disappointed!
    This is one of my top favorite posts! Love your definition! Love the warm "cozy" picture you paint.