Friday, February 19, 2010

Highlights from a Happy Trip to Ohio

Here are some great pics from our trip
Steve holding his newest Grandson, with Mommy Elizabeth looking on

Steve kissing Zane
we have this same picture with each of our Grandsons

Grammy with a happy lapful

Grammy and little Winston

Grandpa and Zane on a happy day out

Two babies wait while their Mommies get a manicure

Look at that cute baby!

Oh my goodness, too cute for words

Grammy and Grandpa holding their newest Grandson

Zane and I 

You can't get much better than this; is that cute or what?
Baby Winston

Steve and baby Zane

We are home from our trip to Ohio.  What a mixture of emotions I feel.  It is hard to leave my girls and grand-babies, especially when I know it could be many months before I see them again.  And while it is always good to be home whenever I go away, I feel a little flat at the moment.  Just looking at all these wonderful pictures, blesses Steve and I all over again.

Russ and Olga waited up for us Sunday night when we got in and it was great to see them. The 3 of them made me a "Happy Birthday" sign (Olga's the artistic one) and put it across the dining room ceiling and had some flowers, a card and a carton of "Ben and Jerry's" Ice cream for me(last year they ate my "Ben and Jerry's" that I had gotten from my brother, thinking it was there as a "free for all"; so this year they remembered that incident and bought me another. HA! I love it.

I had a great trip to Ohio, what a wonderful portion I was blessed to have.  I got some wonderful catch up time with Marie and Elizabeth before the baby was born, and then of course to be there when the baby came was the icing on the cake.  The girls surprised me with a beautiful birthday supper the night Steve flew in.  Marie made the most delicious quiche and set the loveliest table.  They stretched my birthday out into many lovely days, culminating with a make over from Marie.  I loved that!  Thanks John and Marie and Elizabeth and Benjamin, for everything, and I miss you all!


  1. Your blob is so beautiful and the music peaceful. Thanks for all your help my sweet friend. love Roxy

  2. What wonderful pictures! It is hard to come home from such a beautiful trip.

  3. Mrs. Phelps, the pictures from your visit are so lovely. Thank you for your recent very kind comment on my blog. It is a treasure.

  4. Mom, this post is so much fun going through again and again.

    Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my page. I love your comments, they mean so much to me.

    Love you again!