Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Topiary: Week Three

I am so anticipating the budding and flowering season of spring, that I decided on a flowering topiary for this week's project.  I have been trying to make use of what I already have on hand, and there-by spend less money at Hobby Lobby.  I happened to have an old falling apart Christmas topiary that I had made about 15 years ago, and decided to make it over for this project.  I did buy a few flowers, birds and bird nests for my project.

1 clay pot
1 styrofoam ball
1 styrofoam base to fit into the pot
1 long  wooden dowel for tree trunk
spanish moss
silk flowers
little birds from the floral department of your craft store
little nests from same
floral pins
1 small strand of twinkle lights (2o light set) 
glue gun
craft paint

Instructions :
1).     Begin by painting your clay pot as instructed in week one, or leave it plain if you prefer.
2).     Once your clay pot is dry, put your topiary together by inserting dowel into styrofoam ball in one end of and the styrofoam base on the other (you can sometimes buy these topiary forms already put together). and place into pot.
3).     Using hot glue gun, glue spanish moss to base of topiary and around the ball on top.
4).     Using floral pins, pin string of lights around topiary ball
5).     Glue flowers all around on top of spanish moss.
6).     Glue nests and birds where desired.
7).     Tie ribbon underneath the styrofoam ball (around the dowel). 


  1. These are such valuable tutorials mom! Whenever I want to learn something that you so cleverly crafted, I can just go through your amazing 52 weeks of crafts! AHHH I love it! :)

  2. Oh Mom, I just love this weeks project. It is so lovely. I also LOVE it when it is all lit up for the night.
    The top picture is so pretty.
    LOVE you so much.