Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making Jewelry

Making Earrings

Now for the earrings.  Earings are easy to make.  Be sure you have your pliers and wire cutters.  You can use regular needle nose pliers, or the wire pliers that you find in the jewelry supply area of your craft store. Beyond that you will need the following:

Earing base of either of the following: earwires or leverbacks.

1.  Arrange your beads how you desire.
2.  Place them on the head pin.
3.  Using your pliers, twist the remaining top of the head pin into a small ring or loop, leaving just enough open to place it on the earwire or leverback earing ring.
4.  Using wire cutters, clip off excess wire from head pin.
5.  Slip the loop of the beaded head pin onto the ring of the earwire or leverback earing.
6.  Use your pliers to finish twisting your loop closed.


  1. O Mom these earrings are lovely!!! I love your color choices!

    Can't wait for our next phone chat! ;)

  2. What lovely earrings. I love your perfect touch! The beads are so pretty too!

    love you so much!