Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Cozy/Week Six

2014 Update
This post has been up-dated.  Click here for the updated post

This week's project is a "Tea Cozy".  A Tea Cozy is a padded cloth covering that keeps a tea pot warm.
It is a fun and easy project, and fits in with this weeks thoughts about hospitality.  Even though I am writing this on  Saturday night,  I will schedule this to be posted on Monday night, so I don't get too many posts stacked on top of each other.  The next few weeks, I will be doing some projects that are all a part of a nice little "tea set up", and might be fun to use for a "Mother's Day Tea"  or a nice little Bridal shower present. Week six is the "Tea Cozy", week seven is the "Tea Cloth", week eight is the napkins, and week nine is the napkin rings.  I will probably pass "Mother's Day" by before all projects are done, but I was on a roll and the ideas just kept coming.   I even have tea cozy # 2 coming up after these projects are caught up, because I had so much fun making the first, and got a brain storm idea for another design, so stay tuned. 

Choose some pretty material (I used some I had on hand and some that came from  Mom's surplus that she gave me when she moved (I have had so much fun going through the craft and material items she passed on to me and have had a lot of ideas about what to create with it.

Measure your tea pot around the tummy; go from spout around handle and back to spout.

Now measure your tea pot over the top.

For your width take your first measurement and divide it by two and add two inches.
For your height, divide you second measurement by two and add three inches (the added inches are for your seam allowance).
Now create a pattern using tissue paper or a brown paper grocery sack.

Pin your pattern to your material and cut out.

Cut two pieces for your main material, two pieces for your lining and two pieces of fiberfill.

Use a piece of trim to make a handle, pin and sew to the right side of your material.

Now  with right sides pinned together and fiberfil pinned to the wrong side of fabric, sew around circled edge.

Turn cozy right side around and with right sides together, sew two lining pieces together .
Now slip lining over the right side of cozy; keep right sides together.( I used a lining that I thought was pretty, so that I  could turn it inside out if I wanted  to have a variation in the way my cozy looked.
Pin and sew all but about 3 inches on the side.

Pull the right sides of your cozy out of the 3 inch opening.

Slip stitch your 3 inch opening shut.

Now you have the inside showing, and it is a nice  variation.

I sewed a little trim on the bottom.



  1. Oh I just love it Mom!!! You know how I am about sewing but I may try this! Your step by step pictures really helped!

  2. MOMMMMM!!! I LOOVVE this so much. I really want to try it. I have been wanting to make a tea cozy for awhile now. You read my mind!!!

    I love your tea cozy. It is SO cute! The top little lace and the bottom is adorable!! SO inspiring!!!!

    Thanks so much for posting it!!!
    LOVe you