Monday, May 24, 2010

Colorado Sand Dunes Field Trip

Last week, Eddie and I took a field trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  His old school mates were all going on that particular day, so we decided we would meet up with them. I am not necessarily Eddie's first pick for a buddy to scramble up those dunes with; especially since I don't really "scramble" any more; its more like "I sit on the blanket in the warm sun, while he scrambles".  So it worked out nicely for both of us, that they picked the same day for the same field trip. (As you might have guessed, we actually planned our day around theirs).  We had a lovely time and brought along a soccer ball, a picnic and "Tobby Mack" our little dog.  The sand dunes are an interesting sight to see.  They are like a mini Sahara Desert right in the Rocky Mountains.  I am not sure how the "Evolutionists" try to explain them, but one possible explanation that we  "Creationists" have is that it is  remnants of "Noah's Flood".
If you click to enlarge the picture, you can see how big the dunes are compared to the little specks on them, which are people climbing up and down them.

We had a great time and even though our sunshine turned into cloudy skies, we were not held back in any way.  Eddie climbed to the second to the highest dune; I hiked over the creek and laid out the blank and kicked back with Toby.


  1. They look amazing! I have to say that my mind boggled at first....'sand dunes in Colorado'...?? I thought my geography had gone loopy! What a wonderful part of the world you live in.
    So glad you're feeling better, but you should try and look after yourself for a week or so. I've found that if I don't, I end up having the virus (or whatever) lingering for ages....
    Love, Anne x

  2. Wow! Pretty awesome looking! I feel at ease anywhere near the water - whether it's the sea, river, or lake. It's so peaceful to me!

  3. Oh what glorious pictures! And what a grand time! I wish I could have plopped myself down with you on that blanket and enjoyed the air and the sights!

    I love you Mom!

  4. Oh my I have come back and come back to this post because it blesses me so much to see these familiar pictures! I so loved seeing Eddie! How he has grown!

    love you :(