Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday To a very Special Grandson

Is this cute or what?  Our Grandson Asher is one year old today.  He is our second Grandson out of four.  He is our son Nathan and his wife Himilce's second.    He is such a sweet, easy going boy.  We miss him so much.  I wish we could all be there to celebrate this Happy Birthday. We will miss being at his number one birthday party. We will have a celebration with him and his cousins this summer when everyone comes for a visit.  Happy Birthday Asher. Grammy and Grampa miss you so much. We love you.


  1. AWWWW..........He is so cute! I cannot believe that one year has gone by already! I remember seeing him when he was just a few minuets old! I love the picture Mom!

    Love you!!!!!!!

  2. Yes Elizabeth, it seems like just a few weeks ago, that you were there in Phoenix, and you were the Auntie on call. It is hard to believe everything that has happened since then; including the arrival of little Winston. I am amazed that out of the midst of a very difficult year for all of us came three most wonderful blessings; these grandbabies, and a few other blessings to boot. I am very thankful to the Lord.