Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Some pictures of Happy Memories and Years gone by.  There is my Mom in her younger days and my Dad as well, I am the little girl in the pictures along with my two brothers.  In the second to the bottom picture, is my 2 grandpas and one grandma; the other grandma is taking the picture.
When I was a little girl my family lived in Europe and Wales for several years of my life.  That experience added to a part of our family personality, and instilled in us all a desire to see and experience different places in the world.  I have a memory of my pretty mom in all those places and am thankful for the happy family memories I have. My Mom is almost 75 years old now and lives near my brother Dave and his family.  For years, she lived almost next door to us on our property.  We loved having her here with us and are thankful that we had her for the time we did.  We miss her.
Happy Mothers Day Mom
You have always believed in me, and that has meant so much to me.
Thank you for the happy memories growing up and for all your love.
I love you


  1. Happy Mother's Day!

    I just love all these pictures of Grandma Ginny! She is just gorgeous!

    And you look so cute Mom! Such a little bug :)

  2. Pammy I just felt so happy to see those wonderful snippets of your familys happy memories. Lets just keep making them. (you go girl)
    Love Roxy

  3. In the UK, our Mother's Day is in March. Just an interesting note: our two daughters were both born on Mother's Days. Isn't that amazing....2 years apart, but both on Mother's Day! What a Mother's Day present that was for me - not once, but twice! Beat that!!

  4. Oh I so loved looking through this pics of Grandma Ginny! She is so beautiful!

    I also loved what Homeschool on the Croft said about her two daughters being born on Mother's Day, So amazing!

    Love you mom!!
    ~ Marie

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. Its so sweet to share my Mom's pictures with you. Homeschool on the Croft, that really is a wonderful Mother's Day present to have two babies born on that day. What a lovely celebration must arise every year.

    Much love Pam