Saturday, June 5, 2010

College Road Trip

Well, another week has gone by and all thoughts of working on my "52 weeks of projects " have gone by the wayside.... or perhaps I should say "roadside'.  After our graduation party was delightfully and successfully carried through, we (Olga, myself, and my girlfriend, Roxy) went on a  "College Road Trip".   I can't really say that it was "spurr of the moment", but it sure seemed like we just up and went.  We had actually been saying we needed to go, and I had told Roxy, we were going the week after graduation, and maybe she would like to go with us;  And then lo and behold, graduation was over, the graduation party was over, and there it was, the day that we had talked about leaving on.... So we went.

Perhaps I should go back several weeks ago, when Olga was offered a soccer scholarship to a small College in North Western Wyoming. This was the second offer she had (The first being a partial scholarship to a small University here in Colorado.  We felt good about this second offer for 2 reasons; The tuition was small, the school was small, the town was small, and scholarship was pretty good. Since the possibilities of a Christian College did not seem to open up for us financially, this seemed the next best thing.  We all thought whoever of us could make the trip should go up there and see what we thought.

In the same time-frame, The Lord  gave me a dream, which went like this: I saw Olga standing there, and the Lord with her.  In her hand he had placed a jewel and covered her hand with His.  On another occasion, I had a dream of Olga and saw her playing soccer with little girls.  It seemed to us that perhaps the Lord is giving a special gift to Olga.  Perhaps He will open up doors for her through soccer, and perhaps she will even minister to children through this open door.  We have had many discussions of missions opportunities, and have even talked about the possibility of her being involved in
ministry in Russia one day.  Many possibilities remain and we look forward to those things which the Lord will reveal.

The three of us girls had a great time on our "Road Trip.  We loved Wyoming.  The people were great hometown, friendly people.  We felt as if we were right at home.  It was definitely flavored with the "Old West", and delightfully so.

This summer Olga will be playing soccer in Sweden for the Youth World Cup  called the "Gothia Cup"; Another little gem that was presented to her. We are definitely looking at a summer full of soccer and College plans..... I am hoping we can squeeze in a visit to Marie, Elizabeth, Nathan, Luke, Russell and their precious families.  If not, perhaps they will all make it home for a visit for their Dad's 50th birthday....   stay tuned with me to find out what our next two months will hold.  I am about to write all these thoughts out and present them to the Lord for His hand to direct.  Until then, perhaps I can actually get back to another creative project. So as "Tigger" would fondly say TTFN (Tah Tah for now). And many blessings.


  1. Delightfully yummy post Mom! I missed you exceedingly! Can't wait to catch up with you over the phone! Monday? A date? Yeah? :)

  2. I can't wait sweetie.
    Love you

  3. Oh I just love hearing about the dream of Olga. I am so excited to see what the Lord has for her.

    Loved hearing about the trip! I am so glad you guys were able to go and Roxy was also able to come with. SUCH a delightful girlie time!!


  4. Wow! Soccer! How exciting.....and how appropriate for now with the World Cup only days away. Can't wait!
    Am I the only soccer-loving woman in the world who married the only 'can't-be-bothered-with-soccer' hubbie in the whole world?? Where did I go wrong?!!
    All the best, Olga
    Love, Anne x