Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad

This picture of Dad when he was a little boy, reminds me a lot of my son Nathan when he was little, and his son Elon right now.

Dad and his sister Cathy

Dad with me at the bottom my brother's above me and my cousins on the side.

Dad and I at my wedding

Dad with my step mom Kathy

Another picture like the one three pictures above.  Dad in the back, me at the bottom and my two ornery brothers above; over forty years later.  Look at my brother Dave with that grin he always cracks us up.
This was my Dad's 80th Birthday. I'm thinking he looks better than us kids. 
I put together a slide show for his birthday, but haven't figured out how to put it on my blog... maybe next year.

My Dad turned 80 this year.  We had a special birthday party for him in January and had a lot of fun celebrating with him. It is hard to believe he is 80, because he looks so young.  He could still probably pass for 60.  This Father's Day I am reminded again of my special Dad who has always been there for us when ever we have needed him.  He has always looked out for and blessed his whole family and instilled generosity into my own heart.   When he was a boy, he didn't have his dad around to take care of his family and bring security into his life, but when he was a Dad, he made sure that we did.  Thanks Dad  I love you so much.  Happy Father's Day


  1. What a fun Father's Day post Mom. I loved all the pictures! I am thinking of stealing some :)

    I love you and a very Happy Father's Day to dad. :)

  2. I can't believe your dad is 80 in that photo! Eighty!! No way!
    Find out what he's been eating all his life - I'm off to buy some!
    Love, Anne x