Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Great Apron Swap

After I posted the little apron post a few weeks back, Angelina (from Pioneer Beauty ) suggested doing an apron swap.  I thought it sounded like fun, but since I had not put one of these types of things together before, it needed a little figuring out on my part to be sure I "could" put it together.

I talked to Roxy (living from glory to glory ) who, you might say, is my apron partner :) we both decided it sounded like fun; and interestingly enough, Roxy just posted the sweetest post about aprons, so check out her post . You can register on my blog or Roxy's, by leaving a comment that you would like to be a part of the "Great Apron Swap".  Sign up as a follower on both blogs, leave your name, e-mail address, and size preference (S, M, or L), and agree to send an apron to your swapping partner, once we have partnered the names.  At the time of the name partnering draw, we will give you the name and e-mail address of your partner, after which, you will collect size preference from them and their address and give your size preference, and address.  You will then send aprons to each other accordingly. You will have a month from the time of the posting of the draw. You may make the apron, or purchase a vintage apron from yard sale or antique sale, which ever you prefer. If you want, post your aprons on your blog to show what you make or find and after all is done, each one can  post of their prize. Happy Aproning.


  1. What a lovely idea! I wish I could take part, but i'm only at the stage of having decided that over the winter I'm going to make my first apron. Watch this space!

    I look forward to seeing what aprons are 'swapped'

    Love, Anne x

  2. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!I saw this come across my Google Reader and about Screamed...Okay Not Really...Well Almost...Oh I am so excited..as you can probably guess...Not to mention I think I only asked you a Few times...well everytime I talked with you..is more like it...Okay You can most deffinately count me in...Oh I can't wait...I should go back and actually read the post...I was to excited I went straight for the Comment Section...Well off to read and find out if there are certain rules to this Great Apron Swap..

  3. Okay..I am back and have read all the rules..

    Size: Small
    Email: pioneerbeauty@gmail.com

    One Question...Can I post about it as well..?

  4. Anne, if you still want to participate, you can send one you have or one you find at a second hand store or antique store or as we call them here yard sale or garage sale. Just find something you think is cute, and you can do it.

    Angelina, yes, by all means post it, that would be great.

    Thanks girls

  5. Oh this sounds like a lot of fun! I was wondering where I would find time to make an apron but then saw that we could get one 'ready-made' so that might be the answer.

    As long as it's OK to join from outwith the US, that is!

  6. Dear Pam I am so glad to be able to be apart of this apron swap. I was just so blessed to see your cute pictures of those women with their aprons on. Love Roxy

  7. I am mailing my apron today from the last swap I joined in on....please include me in this one also!! LOVE aprons :)


  8. I would love to do this. I'm making aprons for our 5 daughters for Christmas so this will make it even more fun. Thanks,

  9. I want to participate in this one mom!! So excited! You can put my name down and my size is Small or Medium. I don't think I could muster the courage to make one buy I know I do have a lovely vintage one whom some one would just love.

    I will make a post about it so it will get the word out!! LOVE YOU
    ~ Marie

  10. Sounds like a fun swap. I'll sign up. :)

    Size: small

  11. Thanks for visiting the farm! Is it even POSSIBLE that the farm truck in the picture is YOURS???? Gorgeous! Love your apron pictures...cute idea.

  12. Hi Pam,
    Oh this post is just sooo cute and I went to visit Roxy too and became a follower on her blog...such a darling swap!!!
    And my husband is doing better, thank the Lord!

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  14. I love aprons and would love to be a part of the Apron Swap! My size is small. jodester.jordan@gmail.com

  15. You have a a beautiful family! It is so delightful to hear that you guys open your home and your heart for children from Russia! :)

    (sorry this comment has nothing to do with the post but i was so happy to read your comment on my blog :))

  16. Is it too late to enter the swap?

  17. Pam, please include me. I bought an apron....sadly, I haven't sewn my own so it'll be a bought one.
    But I'd love to be included nevertheless.
    Love Anne x

  18. Hi Pam, Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. (Wow, 4.5 grandsons!) My email address is meekandchic@gmail.com.