Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Ol' Blue"

Almost all of us in this picture except Luke, Jon and Benjamin
Can you find Olga ?

We have an old friend at our house, that belongs to my husband....mostly... but of course all of us enjoy him... young and old alike. We bought Ol' Blue from a neighbor at what we thought was a great price, several years ago, and he has been a cozy embellishment to our yard, our photographs, our picnics and nice afternoon drives.  There has been some controversy in the family about whether he should be painted like new, or left in the old patina of a bygone era.  So far the second choice has won the argument.  I had a comment recently by a blogging friend asking about him, and I realized he was a treasure that I had never posted about.  I have always considered him Steve's baby, but of course even we girls think he is a delightful addition to many of our activities and we have all clamored to get our pictures taken with him.  So. I present to you Ol' Blue a family friend.  I wish I could tell you some history about him, but there isn't much available.  Our neighbors bought him through an advertisement  and then decided to sell him to us because they already had a couple of similar vintage, and realized maybe they didn't need this one too.  So we will have to make our own history with him, and perhaps he will be around one day for the great grandkids to tell about. These pictures are only a few of many.

Olga and Ol' Blue

Nathan and Himilce and baby Elon

Russell, Olga and Eddie


  1. I love Ol' Blue and I think you are right about keeping his colour the way it is!

  2. Well of course you can't paint Ol'blue...because then he would become New'blue...Just not as Catchy..As Good Ol'Blue : )...but I know who I would want my picture taken with..If I were to come visitng. :)

    Beautiful pictures Pam of you and your Family..and of course you know who..

    Have a blessed day..

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!!
    What a cute, baby you have there! ;-)
    He has steve's cowboy, and your charming grace.
    I think that the next time we are in pueblo we will need to have our pictures taken with Ol' Blue too!!!
    Miss Pam, I just get so excited every time I see that you've posted. . . your blog is like coming home.
    Love to you and all your babies.

  4. I love this! What a neat photo prop. :) You always have the best family photos!

  5. love the truck and pretty faces :)