Friday, October 22, 2010


My husband is a Cowboy.  He has always loved working with cows.  In years gone by we have had our share of cows, and plenty of cow stories to go along with the wonderful memories; But these days we are "cowless".  While being "cowless" has several benefits, one being that it allows us to come and go whenever we need to, for however long we need to,  it lacks other benefits; one being that we all miss the cows, especially my husband, who enjoys working with them more than many other things.  Building and fixing up houses has never had a pull on his heart the way horses and cows have.

On the positive end of this, our neighbors at the big ranch next door to us, always want Steve's help whenever they are branding, or preg-checking, or vaccinating.   Steve was there this week to help, and I asked him if would take my little camera and get some pictures.  He took a few pictures for me.  Unfortuntely he wasn't able to get pictures of himself or the crew working cows, because he was well...there working cows, but he did get a few nice pictures.

The Ranch usually works about 500 cows per day, (2 days each time, about 3 times a year). This is an amazing amount of cows to get through in a day, but their system is down to a science.


  1. Aww man! Aren't they adorable. I can understand how the building wouldn't have the same pull on hubby as these adorable creatures.
    Off to have another look - kids gathered around! Boy here wishing he had a holiday job to go to at a place like that.....gorgeous!
    Love, Anne x

  2. Aww, lovely cows. My uncle used to have a few cows, though I must admit as a child I was a bit scared of them!

    Alasdair is just learning his animal noises and his default one is, 'Ah..ah..ah..ah' which is meant to be woof woof woof. Anyway, he did this when he saw your cows and then I told him it was a moo so he's sitting here now going 'mmmmmm, mmmmmm' instead!

  3. Oh..How I can't wait to see where the Lord Plants us..We are praying about getting into small farming..Organics and Yummy Raw Milk.. : ) we buy are Raw Milk Now from the's legal in our state...but in other's I know it's not..though you can get into Cow shares...(really that has nothing to do with your cattle pictures..does it.. : ) We did just get a Side of Beef..which I was going to be posting about..My husband Grew up with Cattle..his family has a ranch and they had cattle on it...He misses that and would LOVE to get his hands back into farming and ranching...He is a Cowboy who has been put to Sleep from the Corporate Worlds Work Ways...but he is Tossing and Turning and Ready to wake up and put his Cowboy Hat and Boots back on...Me I grew up in the City but I do believe I have always been a Country, Small Town Girl at heart...
    Have A WONDERFUL and BLESSED weekend Pam..It was good to stop by and visit with you again... I just pray I stay on the Uphill of getting better...
    Much Love To you in Christ..

  4. I am so glad you encouraged Dad to take the camera! Those faces sure look familiar! Made me real homesick looking at these today :( I'm really missing you guys. I love you!