Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin, or Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, or Shorty and the Pumpkin Caper

In the  quiet  little town of Pumpkinville,

where neighbors show they care by giving pumpkins to each other.

There lived a short, little, black and white dog named "Shorty", aka "Shorty Jo", aka "Short Cake", aka "Shorts",  aka "Taz", " aka "Katrina" (as in the hurriane), aka "The Shortseneger".

This little dog was loved by all, and was well known throughout the land for her adorableness, She had the  ability to jump over buildings in a single bound.  She leaped like a deer and flew like a flying squirrel, and was often admired for this great feat except when she jumped on the car, after which she was  sent to bed with no supper.  Inspite of her mishaps with the law, she was still a jolly dog, and brought much cheer to the family she belonged to.

One dark and mysterious day, however, when the leaves were blowing, and the darkness prevailed upon the land, a pumpkin was discovered in the carport, with a chunk eaten out of it. 
And if that were not enough, to bring dismay upon the hearts of the people, it was discovered that the baby pumpkin was missing, causing quite an uproar in the house.
Mama looked high and low for the baby pumpkin but could not find it.  She was very sad.
The saddest thing of all was when Mama realized that her little "Short Cake" had the smell of pumpkin on her breath, and strangely appeared to be wearing orange lipstick.
Mama followed "Little Shortseneger" as she crept around the yard,  to the front.
What she saw there filled her heart with such pain, she could hardly breathe.

What about the pumpkin pie?, the pumpkin torte?, the pumpkin bread?, the pumpkin pancakes?, the pumpkin soup?, the pumpkin casserole?

Poor Little Katrina,
she had to stay in the Kennel until after the final pie was baked.
And like the 3 little kittens who lost their mittens, She could have no pie.

Because our story takes place in the land of Pumpkinville, there must always be a happy ending,  and this story is no exception. This is what happened; Shorty Jo's very best friend came and encouraged her and talked to her very sincerely about staying away from pumpkins altogether.
And to be honest, except for a few stems, Shorty Jo never did eat another pumpkin... at least, I don't think she did.


  1. Oh my goodness MOM!! I have to call you!!! It is too late here though! First thing tomorrow morning! THIS WAS SO SO SO SO CUTE!!! First thing tomorrow morning okay?!!! :D Love you so much!

  2. OHH MY WORD!!!
    ROL!!!!! This was so much fun to read MOM!! I want another, I want another!!! LIttle Shorty is too cute for words. I have to ask, is it a true story?

    I want to call you first tomorrow morning!!! We will see who rises first Eliza? I know its you because your the nursing mamma and little Winston will want his eats to early for me!

    ~ Marie

  3. That is sooooo cute. How I love doggy tales.
    I think I feel a children's book coming on.....
    Love, Anne x

  4. Love Love Love it...You have such a sweet gift that the Lord has given you...Not just through this story but in your spirit...His Spirit flows freely through you..and your gentleness and sweetness shows it..

    Have a Blessed Day Pam..

  5. Miss Pam,

    Pioneer already said everything that I am thinking, except this, that you are an inspiration and an encouragement to me.
    I am going to do this for the little boys, and have it printed so that they will always know who loved them feircly for one short year!
    Now I'm crying again. . .
    Thank you for being Jesus with skin on for me today!