Saturday, November 6, 2010

Little Owl Bag

A while back, I found this delightful book called "The Perfect Handmade Bag" by Clare Youngs.  It is about making handbags with what you have on hand.  It has all kinds of handbags to make, and I am wanting to make several of them.  The one I liked the best, was this adorable owl bag.  I wanted to make them for my grandkids.  I thought they would make great book bags or sleep over at Grammy and Grampa's jammie bags.  I don't know if I will be able to post all the instructions  for this one, because I wasn't able to get  my pictures taken all the way through.  But, you can probably order the book from the library, and have alllll those instructions at your fingertips.

Clare's little owl bag is adorable

Here is my little owl in process.

I cut my bag to my own dimensions, because I wanted a bag that was larger than hers.  I used a fall  print (cotton blend) that I thought was pretty.  She used fleece, and I believe the fleece will hold itself up a little better.
At this point, you will want to cut your tree and sew it onto the front piece of the bag.  Cut two trees (one for top with hole, one for back piece).

  Cut out hole from front tree piece.

Right sides together, sew edge and bottom, but not angle.

Open angle and pin bottom to sides

Sew and turn.  You will want to do this twice, once also for the lining.  Be sure on your lining piece to leave  a two inch opening in the side so that you can sew your outer bag and inner bag together, and then 
turn them right side out through the two inch opening.

Cut and sew straps for handle: Cut desired length and width.  sew with right sides together.  Turn right side out by using a safety pin to fish through and pull right side round. Iron.  Pin on top of outer bag piece, then pin lining right sides together over straps.  sew two bags together around top.  Turn right side out through 2 inch opening.

Sew leaves, and sew onto bag.


  1. Miss Pam,

    Ok, I have NO IDEA how you did this! It is TOTALLY adorable though!!!!! Abi and Aidan would have those owls out and under the covers with them in a flash! ;-) One day when life slows down a little, I am going to learn to sew. You did an amazing job!!!!
    LOVE your posts!!!
    Love you too, thank you for the sweeet comments!

  2. Oh my goodness Mom! This is just tooo adorable and cozy!!!! I don't know how you come up with all your ideas! And your so quick too! Looking at the bag brings back memories of when you sewed my sweet diaper bag! I have been thinking about you being here next week and I can't stop thinking about it! Its going to be the highlight of our Fall season! Coffee in the mornings, snuggling with the baby before and after nap time, and oodles and oodles of time talking! I CAN"T WAIT!!!


  3. Ooooh Elizabeth....Mum coming to stay??! I'm so delighted for you - both. Hope you have a wonderful time wonder you are bubbling with excitement at the thought of it. I'll be thinking of you both, spending precious time together.
    Love, Anne x
    ....oh, Pam, the bag is just wonderful...just got carried away for you both when I read Elizabeth's comment x

  4. What a gorgeous bag! Owls are everywhere in the crafty world just now, aren't they? My Calum really loves owls just now too and is desperate for me to make something owl-y for him!

  5. Ok Grammy, we better have one of these little bags in route! Elon loved the little "oooowul" :)

  6. So adorable Pam!!!! I love your "craftiness" :)