Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Day

Yes, the Royal Wedding is today.  It seemed a day to do something different, something sweet, something pretty, and join in the celebration.  I was talking to Marie on the phone this morning.  I miss my daughters very much.  Wish I could dress up and go to their houses for tea and scones to celebrate with friends in Great Britain and be enthusiastic for the sweet, young, newly, married, Royal Couple (that was a mouthful wasn't it?).  Instead I decided to get dressed up and go to town and meet my friend Roxy for tea. I am dressed and cleaned up and   feeling a little less like a red neck and a little more like a lady; I even managed to put on some pretty pearls.  Its a nice change from the dirt, and the seedlings in the garden, and all the dirt and grit that the wind is blowing our way (hoping it won't be windy in town).  It feels like a day to take a hold of joy... joy needs to be chased and embraced of late, for it has been hiding and fleeing. What a happy day when we are all together at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.  That will be a day of unsurpassed joy.  No need to chase it then.
May you all be blessed with a day of joy today.
Much Love, Pam


  1. It is a day to 'rejoice with those who rejoice'. And we do! They were both beautiful - she could probably look stunning in a sack of potatoes, but I thought her dress was spot-on!
    Glad you were able to dress up - it is nice to dress up sometimes, isn't it...

  2. Oh..Pam...You have such a DEEP beauty on the inside and out that no matter how much dirt or grime blows on you...Your inner beauty shines through that even the finest of Pearls aren't neccesarry...

    Though it is nice to freshen up and put pretty things on..The Lord looks on the inward workings of mans heart...and Praise the Lord for that...Yes what a day that will be when we Celebrate with our Lord...

    Windy...We have some winds that have been kicking themselves up..and the dust does blow..especially around these parts...

    Have a Wonderful day and I pray your Tea Time was Blessed and a refreshing to you soul..