Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Lambs

Three of five are complete... two more are in process.  Little Easter lambs for my own precious lambs (Grandchildren)  

Luke titled this one "Popeye the sailor lamb" I thought that was pretty cute.

I didn't have any directions for these, I simply began crocheting.  I got the hang of it when I began the lion (previous post) and have been able to just crochet animals by increasing and decreasing in appropriate areas for shapes and sizes desired.  If I end up writing down any instructions I will share them with you at that time, but for now here they are.... will post the other two when they are done.


  1. Oh my goodness these little lambs are too cute for words mom. I can't stop myself from re clicking on your page and devouring them with my eyes again and again. I can't believe you made these on your own!!
    I just love their little clothes too!! Their little feet and little black paws are adorable!!

    What a great easter idea!!

    ~ Marie

  2. Oh I love them they are too cute!! and wow no pattern that is impressive ~You did a great job ~Love Heather

  3. Oh Mom!!!! I came over here earlier, but didn't have time to comment and share my enthusiasm!!!! OH MY WORD!!! What precious precious little lambs!!! These need to be in a magazine!!! Each one is so unique! I can't wait to see the rest!

    Love you sooo much!!!!!!!!

  4. These are so cute Pam! The sailor is adorable with his little hat! You should make and sell these on Etsy for Easter...

  5. What? WHAT???? You don't have a pattern for these? I an just in awe! I have a blanket that I make... That's it... ;-)
    I love each one of them! I love their little outfits, and noses. I keep saying this, one day, one day I will learn to be crafty. :-D
    Here's the plan, in heaven we'll love next to each other. That way when we're not sitting at the Lord's feet I can sit at yours and just soak up your recipes, and handi-works! We'll have an eternity right? So you can teach me if we had forever to learn, right? ;-) I love you, and love your posts!

  6. That is unbelievable! They are unbelievably cute and that you made them without a pattern.... gulp! Unbelievable!

  7. These are adorable Pam! I'm sure your grandchildren will love these and they will become treasured toys - because they were made with love!

  8. So cute! I know it'd be pretty labor intensive to write down the pattern,'d be nice to have. They are really turning out adorable! Your productivity is inspiring!

  9. Oh you are such a wonderful Grandma! They will love them forever! Impressed with your talents!