Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Hobbit and the Mad Hatter Tea Party

We forged through  mountains and deserts, to get here. At last we  arrived at our destination: Sunny Arizona; Phoenix to be exact.  We arrived just in time to celebrate the birthday of Little Hobbit who is now 2 years old.  It was to be a tea party... a "Mad Hatter Tea Party".  Little Hobbit was dressed adorably; The Mad Hatter himself could have no negative word  to say, and if Alice were here, she would be confused as to who the real Mad Hatter really was.  Mommy/ Himilce was dressed like the  Queen of Hearts (a little variation of the red queen), she looked almost as cute as "Little Hobbit".  Princes and Princesses arrived from other privinces.  It was great fun all around.
Little Hobbit is ready for tea.

He smiles sweetly even though his tea cup is empty.  The day is still young.  Tea will be something to look forward to.
 The Queen of Hearts has been slaving for days to prepare for the party.  None of the servants showed up, so she had to do all the work herself.
Little Hobbit grows slightly weary of waiting for his tea.  So much activity, so little tea.  What is one to think.

 Princess and Princesses from other provinces are still in good humor as they too wait for their tea.

 The situation is improving as more sandwiches are brought out, and tea pots are filled.

The Topsy Turvey Cake  is a delight to all  in the Kingdom.

Little Hobbit examines cake.

All Five senses are applied to determine the quality of the cake.

 Topsy turvey cake is approved above all cakes in the Kingdom.

 A little more careful examination, just to be sure.
Yes.... it is indeed the best.

 "Mommy" I think "Little Hobbit" has had too much cake and too many presents, and way too many festivities, perhaps I should go ahead and open this one for him; I am afraid he might become overwhelmed".
Everything is just a blurr, as they say all good things must come to an end.  Good bye to all good friends.

On Saturday, all Hobbits were exhausted.  So it was decided that we should go fishing.... a cure for everything even overindulgence.
  The big hobbit in the middle was threatened  by fear of bodily harm or (exposure on facebook) if he didn't smile... and so he did.

Little Hobbit is still a little peaky from the previous days activities, but willing to give fishing a try.

 Such a delightful pond to fish in.

 Fishing is such a soothing occupation for all.


  1. Wow! Pam! What an amazing party! And what characters! So much fun! The Queen of Hearts must be AWESOME! Hope rest is in store for the coming days! Fishing must have been a relaxing past-time!
    Good to hear from you!

  2. Oh..Pam how delightful and what a blessing that the Lord carried you through to be able to make it there just in time...

    I pray that the rest of your travels are just as delightful..
    Looking forward to seeing more from your wonderful adventures..
    God Speed to you and your family

  3. Pam, I'm delighted you're able to spend time with family and grandchildren. The party looks absolutely amazing.... as Keri On said - the Queen of Hearts must be awesome!
    Have a wonderful time with them all (I see the Q of Hearts' hair has grown again! It's lovely :)

  4. How wonderful and toooo! CUTE!!! loved all the pics ~Love Heather

  5. Oh my word Mom!!!! This party post had me dreaming for hours afterwards of you guys!!! I had to come back and read it all over again! I can't get enough of that CUTE Asher!!! His hat is so so funny with his stylish posh overcoat and tie!! I love the pictures so much and I love Himilce's dress, she is so so cute, miss her so much!!!
    I miss you all and wish so bad we were there too. I know that there will be a chance for us all to come out in the summer Lord willing!! LOVE you so much Mom!!!