Thursday, September 29, 2011


Our Momentum is coming back, and we are feeling a little more like normal.  I should probably say "I" am beginning to feel a little more like normal.  I am sure Steve doesn't.  I saw him looking wistfully out the back door yesterday, while sitting in his wheel chair.  Now that is a sad picture isn't it.  But, in spite of a little cabin fever on Steve's part, we are developing a type of normal routine, and he is able to do a little business during the day.  I have been able to catch up on garden and house next door.  I am getting things ready in anticipation of Elizabeth and Winston coming to visit.  They fly in from Florida on Monday. I am searching out the old box of family toys, the "Pak and Play"  and high chair, planning who will sleep where and when (I think I had mentioned on a previous post that the other kids are coming; in increments).

 I am trying to cook a few meals ahead, and use up some of our garden surplus (I am considering a roadside sign for passer-byers to help themselves to our Zucchini which is still going strong).  Our chard, spinach, spaghetti squash, green onions and tomatoes are all ready to be used and I have had to just leave them alone these last  2 weeks.  I was wanting to post recipes of each veggie as they were being  used up through each season.... I have had a passion to cook and create veggie recipes this last couple of months (I'm sure you haven't noticed), and probably won't dry up until the veggies do... so stay tuned for a few more recipes... provided I don't get pre-occupied with children and grandchildren that are coming to visit.... and did I tell you that my children and grandchildren are coming to visit... well, they are... they are coming to visit.  You can't tell that I am excited that my children and grandchildren are coming to visit can you.  I can't wait!


  1. Pam, I hope you and Steve have a great visit with you children and grandkids. Hopefully, Steve won't have to spend too long in the wheelchair.

  2. I'm delighted Elizabeth and Winston are coming. What a wonderful delight to look forward to ...
    Blessings to Steve... it's hard for a working man to be stuck inside :(
    Anne x

  3. Miss pam,
    I just love this post! Love that you are so excited to see you're kids and grandkids! Love to hear you sounding more like yourself. :-) Still praying for your rancher, and his patience with this "Vacation"
    Love you!

  4. Hello Pam,
    I am so thrilled that Elizabeth and Winston will soon be in Eye's view and Arm's Reach for you and Steve...I am sure they will bring Rays of Sunshine into you life and day....I still however am so worried as I have no clue what has happened to bring this about....PLEASE email me just so that you might ease my Heart and thoughts concerning you and your family...I have been praying for you still as the Lord places you on my heart...

  5. How lovely that you will have Elizabeth and Winston visiting, and then instead of the sadness when they leave you have more and more family visits to look forward too!

    I was thinking the other day, how it must be hard for your husband to be forced to stay inside when he is usually outside all the time. Not so much at the beginning, but more so as he starts to recover more.

    Still, think of all the extra special extra time you have with him :0)

  6. Oh mom, you got me SO excited to come out all over again! I am just picturing you and dad and CAN'T wait to see you and be with you!!! I am REALLY missing you guys especially in the fall time. It is not right that I have not been out to see you this long.


  7. Pam, I've been away for too long. Just now getting caught up on your latest. I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's accident, but so very thankful that it was not worse than this. Even though this is bad enough. Will keep him in our prayers as he heals, and for you as you care for him.

    Really enjoying your music this morning. So relaxing and peaceful!

    Hope you two have a blessed day!

  8. Oh enjoy your family visit!! Praying for a speedy and complete recovery for your husband. Just to let you know we did send Benjamin an email just waiting to hear from him hopefully our family will be able to meet up with him soon ~Have a great week Love Heather

  9. Dear, dear Pam, it has been far too long since I left a comment for you. Some time ago, I read about Steve's accident, and my heart lurched as I thought about how much more tragic it could have been. You both (well, the whole family!) have been in my thoughts and prayers since then, but I do want to apologize that I never even took the time to leave a comment for you and let you know that I had read that post and was praying for his recovery.

    How very wonderful that your family has come and is coming in to visit! What a blessing!!

    I'll continue to pray for a quick, full recovery for Steve.

    With love,