Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching Up

We have had a snowier and muddier winter than we have seen in a long time here in southern Colorado.  What we suffered in drought last spring and summer is being made up for this winter with abundant snowfall, for which we are thankful.  And yet all the snow and mud does leave me often feeling that tinge of cabin fever and a yearning for Phoenix or Florida... those warm and sunny parts of the country where many of my loved ones live.

So, after Christmas was over, and cabin fever had set it, I went on a re-organize and clean out campaign that has lifted me up out of my winter doldrums.  I pulled apart my pantry and completely cleaned it out and reorganized it; I cleaned out and spiffed up the spare bedroom (ready and available for you to come and see us now),  and cleaned out many of the closets and drawers in the house, all of which made me feel a little less like I am living on an island surrounded by snow and mud.  Why that is... I don't know... I only know it made me feel better to get everything in order.  Spring cleaning is all fine and wonderful, but for me a little winter organizing has really done the trick.

In addition to the winter organizing,  the chickens were signed up for an "Extreme Home makeover"... (I guess the show is called "Extreme Makeover Home Edition".... one of my favorite shows) and were given an upgrade... at least for now, since the walls of the chicken house that we were able to purchase late last summer, are still buried under snow, and awaiting the right time and Steve's greater mobility for the final coup raising.  So we have upgraded the chickies  into temporary housing; from the little dog house to the broken water tank that we used last year for a seed house.  I think I will write an article on how to reuse an old water tank... I already have  two for my list.  Steve turned a couple of old crates into nesting boxes, placed them into the old tank along with some lovely straw, then we all repositioned the chain link fence....placed the chickies inside and with in 24 hours, we had our first egg... Hurray!   Homegrown eggs are a lovely sight to behold... I'm sure  those of you who have chickens would agree.   As soon as the new housing was in place for the chickens, Eddie chanted... "move that bus"... which made us laugh... thus my  link above to "Extreme Makeover..."

As for other events.... lets see...Nathan and Himilce are moving to North Carolina, from Phoenix, in fact Himilce and babies are there already, while Nathan finishes his last several weeks of work in Phoenix.  He is staying with my Dad as he finishes up, and family and furnishings have been sent ahead.   I am happy that Himilce will have another season of living close to her family... although, I feel very sad to have them go... isn't that funny, they live 12 hours from me, and I am all torn up about them moving.... its just that even though they were that far from us, they still felt "close" to us.... as opposed to living in North Carolina, which is "far".  But I do entrust their lives and ours in the Lord's hand.  He directs all of our steps.  My precious little grandson Ezra celebrated his first birthday (what a precious little bug he is.  I miss him so much), and also Eddie and my Dad, who share the same birthday, and Russ who is just four days after them.   Those are my big events for January; that along with every day living and keeping up with life, we keep pressing in close to the Lord who strengthens us in difficult days and refreshes us as we carry on.  Steve is coming along very well, and has been graduated to a boot and a cane, so is feeling more like his old self, and capable of more and more all the time.  He still has therapy 2 days a week, and has had to deal with a few issues such as a torn rotator cuff, a few broken pins, and some scar tissue problems, but all in all he is thankful to be more mobile, and I am too.  Hope you are all doing well this winter.  I am off now to catch up on your news.
Chickies upgrade into old water tank

Some nesting boxes and a roost
First Egg!  Let's Celebrate

Eddie was impressed when I showed him the difference between the pale, nutrient depleted, store bought egg on the right and the bea-u-tiful orange yoked egg laid by our own hens on left.

Fried rice for dinner.... the best way to divide up one egg between us.   :)

Believe it or not, I tidy up this disaster every other week... this time I really cleaned it out and have spoken dire threats to those who would mess it up again.

Pulled everything out.


Looks so much better doesn't it?

Have a great Week


  1. Lovely to catch up Pam. I also feel like I am living on an island surrounded by mud. We have such a wet summer and our river is on flood watch again. I have also been having a big 'clutter control' operation. It was the library that was in dire need of reorganizing. Love those books but needed to streamline so quite a few boxes went out of the door and into a garage sale at a friend's house. Even surprised myself by letting go of a huge pile of country magazines!
    New school year about to start so I really need to have the house in order this week. I'm giving thought to how I might keep up my blog posts as they have been taking up so much time and blogger has been giving me grief by not saving my posts. Maybe sharing more about our 'every' days as it really seems people love to read about the simple pleasures of home.
    Good to hear that Steve is more mobile. Enjoy those eggs!

  2. I loved this catch-up post; thanks for taking the time to do this!! :)

    Congrats on the egg...and may there be many more to follow. Home-grown eggs are truly a blessing!

    Himilce is moving to NC??? Wow, she's almost my neighbor now!!! :) I know what you need to do soon...make a trip up or down the East Coast, hitting FL, NC, and OH (not really East Coast, but close enough). AND staying here in Virginia with me as you go by!!! Doesn't that sound like a great plan? ;-)

  3. That sounds like a great plan Davene, I would love that

  4. Cleaning out and reorganizing is a spirit lifter. Your pantry does looks clean and tidy. Love the chicken "coop". The eggs from your own hens is always better. They even taste better! Glad you came visiting me, again on my blog.

  5. How refreshing to find your post Mom!!! The egg looks amazing! I am longing to have some of your fresh eggs with you! Eddie is so funny! He takes after Dad huh? Looking at your pantry inspires me to go and get ours done. Its at worst right now :) I second Davene's offer!!! :) But maybe I could visit her as well?! :)

    Love you Mom!!!! I hope you posts again soon, I always leave feeling inspired! :)

  6. Wow! Lots going on in your neck of the woods! Definately love the home laid egg! We have that privilege as well! Your winter cleaning looks grand! You may have motivated me to get a bit of organizing and cleaning done around here! Have a blessed day, Pam!

  7. Oh WOW those chickens have it good!! They are SO darling and so so cozy! I am loving their temporary residence. I am also loving your organized pantry! Nothing better then feeling put together!!!

    Love hearing about the eggs and seeing the difference in color, so so beautiful!!

    LOVE you and miss you so much!
    ~ Marie

  8. Yes, Elizabeth, you can come, too!!! :)

  9. That is one awesome pantry! Looks great! And love that chicken house upgrade, what a great idea! Lookin' forward to the day we get to have our own chickens. Wonder if they'd let us have them here in town??? Hmmm, we should check into