Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from a Long Break

I've been away so long that my computer address bar didn't even remember my blog name, and it took me a little longer than usual to pull up my blog.  I guess you could say that I took  a long blogging break.  It wasn't really a thought out pre-planned break, but that's what it ended up to be.  We have had so much going on, that I have not been able to get back into blog land.   For the last several weeks I have had the itch, but  couldn't quite get there... I even took pictures intending to post them, but still couldn't get there.  I am sure some of you have had months like that.

We haven't been up to anything unusual, but somehow life has felt more overwhelming than usual, and so I have let the blogging go by the wayside, and put my energy into life... a sweet blogging friend had even blessed me with words near to those, which gave me a nice release to let it go for a bit.

And now I am back.  I have a post I am working on and some pictures I am wanting to down load this evening.  I thought I would start with this mini-update and let you know that yes, I am still alive, and so is the family... we are still all here carrying on with life.  I look forward to calling upon my blogging friends as well, and see what you have been up to.

Talk you you soon,



  1. Hi Pam,
    I guessed that you were taking a break from blogging. Haven't forgotten you - anytime I see a knitted toy I think of you and the cute and creative things you make. Oh yes, blogging takes time. I have had to cut back on both reading blogs and writing posts at my own blog. I don't post as often as I used to - there are so many blogs out there with recipes, homemaking, homeschool advice etc that I would be replicating a lot of information and I don't see the point of that. So it has to be more about sharing glimpses of my life down under that I hope people still want to read about! When you were away I started up a little business making cake stands from vintage china plates. I have a market stall and will be doing some craft fairs too. It's really starting to take off. So much of my spare time is taken up with that which means less time for blogging - need to keep my facebook page for the business updated rather than the blog because that is what is going to bring in some extra and needed income - plus it is a lot of fun and I can do much of it from home.
    Anyway, I will still be calling in to visit you and you are still on my reading list. Look forward to catching up with your news soon!

  2. Thanks for popping Ann, I have been missing reading your blog... it is definitely one that I savor with a nice cup of tea. I love hearing about your business... I hope it continues to gain momentum. I have been working on business ideas as well; it is always delightful to gain inspiration from each other.

  3. Oh it is so soothing and encouraging to see your recent posts Mom! And boy do I understand the whole blogging break ;) Your posts give me the energy and encouragement to begin again... So nice talking to you this morning. Still makes me laugh thinking of our joys and all the little things in between. LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Mom, love you so much and I know how hard the stops and goes of life get. I am so happy to know that you are going to get this baby started up again, because I eat up every word you write!!!

    Love you so so much and miss you so