Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thrift Store Treasures

When my "go to town" days open up an extra hour now and then, I like to stop at the thrift store.  There is always a bargain or a treasure to be found, and in this economy "second hand shopping"  has been more and more appealing.  I like to reserve Antique stores for "dates" with Steve, or a fun outing with my friend Roxy, or my girls, but I have found many a bargain and many a treasure when exploring those dusty aisles as well.  The Mennonites have a thrift store here in town that I enjoy more than most, because their selection is large, and clean, and they always have Christian music playing, which always makes me feel happy and cozy.

About a week ago, I found a set of G.A. Henty books that were almost brand new, some of them were still in their plastic packaging; I wanted them badly (for the Grandkids), because I had collected a couple of them when the kids were young, but would have loved to have had the whole set. Well, rather than get them on the spot (I wish I had), I waited a week, hoping they would come up on the half off color of the week.  Alas, when I went back, they were gone.  Eddie had forewarned me of this probability when I explained why I was wanting to stop at the thrift store after a doctor's appointment Friday.  I kicked myself for not getting them when I had the chance, they were so cheap as it was.    I did find some treasures, however, and one of them was a prize to me.  It was a doll house.  I have a little granddaughter on the way (My son Nathan and daughter-in-law Himilce are expecting our first granddaughter, she is due the beginning of January).  When I saw it I went immediately to it.  I thought about it for a moment  and  soon someone else came over and looked at it while I was there looking and considering it.  I decided "no, I would not loose this one ha ha".  Now I didn't snatch it out from under them (all though my alarm bells were going off and saying "grab it quickly!").  I politely waited until they turned away, and then went ahead and put it in my cart, because I knew it wouldn't last the day.  Now I think I am going to have as much fun getting this little doll house ready for our precious granddaughter as I am going to get out of watching her play with it, when she is old enough to play with it.

 I found several other classic books (and quite a few for my grandsons) which helped soothe my heart over the loss of the others.  Eddie found a great pair of Nike running shoes, and I got a couple of shirts for Steve on the half off color, as well as a couple of other items.

Everything together came to a good deal less than I would have paid for Eddie's running shoes "new", and since he will be needing them for track, I feel like I really did well.   So I thought I would share my treasures with you so that you might enjoy them with me.

Here are some of the books, I actually got a second stack of picture books that are very nice, but didn't remember to get a picture of them before I started this post.

 Eddie was happy as a clam over these

 This is a tortilla warmer, and works nice for any kind of flat bread.

 I loved this.

18  The front porch of the dollhouse stirs up my imagination and I am having a brainstorm of ideas of how to decorate inside and out.

Thanks for sharing my fun.  I hope you have a wonderful week.

She sees that her trading is profitable.....
Proverbs 31:18


  1. Pam, I *love* the house! Wow ... what a find. And I *love* that you're expecting your first grand*daughter*. How exciting!

  2. Now Good Morning, and down to buisness, you can have the doll house for 6 mo. out of the year. But I will be needing it for the mouse house to enter in the State Fair.So I would like to reserve it for the month of of August.
    I am so laughing... does that bring back memories?
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Ahhh what delightful treasures you found Mom! And wow, seeing the pictures really helped me feel like I am there with you! So sorry about the books, but very glad you found more. You are the book queen, so I know you will come across many more! Seeing the little doll house made me more aware that we have a baby girl Phelps coming! Eeeek!!! Love you Mom!!!

  4. WOW! Love this delicious post Mom!! I am missing your Mennonite thrift store really bad right now. I had so a blast with you last year. I found so many new treasures. How did I get all of those treasure on the flight home with me?
    I love your doll house and am so anticipating its redo!!

    ~ Marie

  5. Pam, the house is awesome! Like you, I can imagine all kinds of fun decorating...inside and out! Your little grand-daughter will love it too. What fun. I am jealous though...I want one-the house-we already share a granddaughter coming! yippeee

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  7. Beautiful pictures Pam. Isn't thrift shopping fun? Love ya, Amy

  8. Oh Pam! I am loving that dollhouse! I called about one that I happened to come across on Craigslist but it was already sold :( This one is gorgeous. I had one when I was a kid and my sister and I loved playing with all of the miniature "housekeeping" and furniture items. Brings back sweet memories! The baby will love it!

  9. Wow! What great finds! I adore that little doll house. I always wanted a doll house! I still have dreams of owning a dollhouse, decorating the inside, making little mini curtains, and wallpapering the walls. Oh, my. And, ouch on the G.A. Henty books! Poo! Those are so expensive to buy brand new. I've wanted to get some for Ian, but have never sucked it up and paid full price!