Monday, February 25, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

A favorite word that my girls and I seem to use often, is the word "cozy".  To us it is a word that describes peaceful, safe, warm, lovely, happy contentment.  It usually includes those we love, comfortable spots, lovely china, pretty things, books, tea  and of course a little chocolate, or sweet treat. I am sure you get the picture.  I have been  missing my faraway kids and my grand babies.  I miss our "cozy" times together.   I decided to take Julie Andrew's advice in "The Sound of Music" by thinking of a few of "My Favorite Things" as a remedy of when I am feeling sad.  Well, I'm not really feeling sad.. its just a longing for them that I can't seem to get over.  So tonight I will share a few of my favorite things with you, and take pleasure in your company.

Old Glass
 I love old glass, beautifully blown or cut glass always draws my attention.  I got these at a second hand store.

I took pictures of these two little pitchers out of the blue several days back, because I thought they were so pretty with the light coming in and hitting them just as the sun was going down. 

 I keep them on my work table next to my desk, because they are so pretty to me, and I am thinking of where I want to use them.  I already have a couple of nice vinegar and oil bottles... so perhaps something in my bathroom.  I have been wanting to make  some Rosewater; it is on my "List".

 Old Glass and Silver
 I love to collect old glass especially with silver tops.

 I found this one years ago at a little antique store.  I love the silver top.  One day I would love to learn Silver smithing,  to work with silver and create things like this.  It is on my "List".
You probably didn't know some of these "off the wall" things about me, but now you do.

I keep special little pieces of jewelry in this one.

I also like old glass containers for what ever concoctions I have going.  Marie and Elizabeth gave me the two silver topped pieces for Christmas this year.  I put "Witch Hazel" in the one on the left, and use it for a skin toner. Its the perfect container for that, because it has holes in the top, and I just turn it over and sprinkle it into the cotton;  I don't like the bottle the Witch Hazel comes in.. its plastic and ugly.  The one in the center has my blush in it; it is one of my concoctions.  I take old powders and blushes when they have broken or crumbled, and put them in a bowl and break them up  nicely and mix them up together, then use a powder brush to apply.  I love mixing stuff up... and then putting it into something pretty.  This month I made up some homemade tooth paste (Marie and Elizabeth told me about it, and I looked it up and made it... We like it.  It is in the jar with the spoon sticking out of it three pictures above.

I should probably polish these up.

Perhaps I will real soon.  In the meantime they are being used.

 I love Silver.   Here is one of my favorite teapots.  Steve got this one for me several years ago... my Mom got another for me that same Christmas.  Neither of them knew the other had gotten one for me.  They both blessed me... I sure enjoy them.
I had this picture, because I took it for my Etsy shop, for the necklace I just made.  Perhaps another time I will post a little more on Silver, because I have several other pieces I would love to show you.

I can't resist books... especially old ones... or with pretty covers or leather binding.  And of course they have to be good books; not just any books, but that is part of the fun of the hunt.

 I can't resist little books either...  I just love those little books.

 These are all the size of my hand or smaller.  The Charles Dickens Book is a treasure.

Beatrix Potter...  love her little books.

I also love Winnie the Pooh.  Nathan and Himilce got me a sweet little Winnie the Pooh book of tea several years ago and I love it.   Little mice, little rabbits, little illustrations and water colors are still magical to me.

 There is always a stack of books and magazines on the side of my bed.

 These are in our bedroom.  I didn't get downstairs to take pictures of those... but there are more.. much more.  They are like old friends.  I really haven't finished a good book in a while (perhaps I have read one or two).  Ever since we got the kids...(our last three kids). I can't seem to get a book read.  I do read  every night just before bed; but I fall asleep before I get very far;  I read a chapter here and there, and pull out what I need when I need it.  I haven't read a novel in a long time.   I am longing for a D.E. Stevenson; she is one of my favorites. I think blogging uses up more of that time that I used to read, and I am tireder at night than I used to be.  When I was young, I used to get into trouble for reading late at night when I was supposed to be sleeping.  I was one of those flashlight readers.  I got in trouble at school sometimes too, because I would read when I wasn't supposed to.   So that is my story on books 

The Big Chair
 I got this chair at the second hand store right after Steve's accident. It was practically new, and I got it very cheap.  I even took the truck to town by myself and picked it up (because I was the only one available at that time) and I am not too fond of driving the truck, because it is such a big beast.  I got the chair for Steve, because it is a big chair, and he could sit in it comfortably and prop his foot up.  It has become a favorite to both of us.  Steve likes it because of its size and shape and comfort.  I love it for its  beautiful rose print, and comfort.  We had it in our little mobile home when we were there after the accident, and now it is up in our bedroom.  I got the little stool at the same time... same store. It is an ugly orangey, tomato red, so I covered it with a piece of material I could tolerate a little better.  We affectionately call it the Tomato soup stool.

 I guess you could say these are a couple of my favorite things too.  There is never a dull moment when they are around... and they are good for my heart.
Thanks for looking at a few of my favorite things.  I have a few more favorite things, but I will save them for another time. 

Blessings to you all.


  1. Pam - I love all of your favorite things! Oh, especially those shelves and stacks of books!

  2. Dearest Pam, I have been enchanted over your lovely post. A few of your favorite things have inspired me to hunt for treasures. Treasures of my heart and my sweet home. You my dear are a cozy friend! I love your treasures and books also, you have always been so gracious to share those things.
    I am so sorry about missing your girls, the sorrow and joys of a Mothers heart. And you have a big heart.
    Thanks! Always, Roxy

  3. Oh Pammy, what special treasures you have. I love it when I come to your home and get to gaze and admire all of your pretty's. I have special treasures too and would love to share them with all of you too, what a great idea. I love all the little glass jars, there is just a cozy yet prettiness about them. I love being able to store all my concoctions in them also. And boy do they take beautiful pictures.

    I hope you are staying warm and cozy today, for it looks like the storm is moving in. It's windy here and has dropped several degrees now. The boys are playing while Clayton is "trying" to do his school work. It's comforting to hearing them giggle and sneak off away from school and they think I can't hear them...Happy memories we are creating around here.
    Love you Pammy!

    Take time to rest and soak in his presence today!

  4. It's no surprise that I love all of your favourite things Pam, especially the glass and silver. I have 3 silverplate services (so far) with one stand out which has a very elegant shape. I found a website on hallmarks and came across the maker. It was from a Canadian maker who 'produced high quality pieces' and I paid $10 in a garage sale for it!
    I haven't had much time to read blogs recently. Devoted my computer time to getting my website up for the business. If you send me an email I will send you the link so you can go and have a peek at more of my china! I already have my first booking for a high tea for a baby shower. It's great to have a business that gives me an excuse to buy more china. Cozy is one of my favourite words too...goes hand in hand with homely. As Jane Austen said 'There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.'

  5. So pretty! I have an affinity for books too. I don't have as beautiful collection as yours, but I do have some real favorites. Love the photo of your doggies! It looks like a painting!


  6. So beautiful Mom! I LOVE all your photos. You are my treasure! I want to savor your pictures. I will take a picture in my head of your beautiful pictures!

    ~ Marie