Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Creative Delights

Wednesdays are my art class day. I look forward to Wednesdays very much, because when I am there, I paint without distraction or guilt. Today I missed art class, because of a flat tire. Unfortunately, we get our fair share of flat tires, because we live out on a dirt road.

We are having another snow storm today... this one looks like it may produce more than the last one, which didn't do nearly like the weatherman said it would. I am doing my art work at home today, while Steve took the car in on some business, and to get the tire fixed. I always feel that when I get to work at any creative project, I am blessed, and feel very happy. I have been working on pictures for some storybooks that I have written. I am getting the pictures done slowly. I find that it is often hard accomplish a lot by the way of drawings and paintings at home, because there is always so many distractions, and so much that needs doing, and I have had to learn to fight the feeling that I shouldn't be doing this, I should be doing that. Steve has helped, and often tells me "forget about the housework and get the storybooks done". I am having to learn to adjust the expectations that I feel about myself. I am coming to a different stage in my life, and the seasons are changing for me. It is nice to have this portion to look forward to. When we women wrap our world around family, there is an adjustment that can be difficult when the children all grow up and leave home. I say "be encouraged" if you are transitioning into this stage of life, allow yourself to be blessed in "the new", take pleasure in a different freedom that allows you to pursue more of those creative delights and don't let guilt keep you from flourishing in something different.

If you are still raising your children, enjoy them in the midst of those pursuits that you love; those creative delights.  Include them and let them partake, it will free you to still pursue creative projects, without neglecting your babies. If you love to cook, let them cook with you; don't worry about the mess. If you love to sew, let them sew; take the time to teach them a few of those things, and you will be rewarded with little companions that share some of your joys. I know my kids have all got creative bugs and I think it is because we nurtured that in them. Cooking, sewing, painting, writing, making jewelry, photography, gardening, decorating, crafting, scrapbooking, designing, drafting, music, or just making something lovely, are all expressions of the creative DNA that I think our Heavenly Father put in each of us. Even science, math and sports have a creative aspect to them. That which you love to do, takes on a creative aspect to it. We are made in the image of our Father in Heaven, and He is a Creator, no wonder that we are like that as well.

Pencils and pens are calling...

And paintbrushes,

and beads,

Colors, shapes, textures...

Crochet Hooks,

All just too hard to resist.

So don't. 

Hope you all have a happy creative week.


  1. You spoke right to my heart Pam. No wonder I enjoy coming back here to linger and enjoy your words of wisdom.

    I am in both of those "seasons" I think :-) Where I have more freedom and yet still young ones at home to make messes :-)

    I completely agree with you, enjoy the gifts God has put in you. Don't feel guitly but pursue the beauty that God has placed in you.

    I love pens too. I love to draw, paint and scribble away with my quill yet I often put those things aside to tend to other "necessities". That's okay though. I'm an extremely happy Mama and Nana. Each new season brings new joys to grab a hold of.

    ~ Cinnamon

  2. Lovely thoughts, and I agree with them all too.

    I love your drawings! They are so cute! I hope you get those storybooks finished.

  3. Pam ~ I surely did love to read this post. My thoughts exactly. I used to think that I couldn't pursue and enjoy my creative interests. But then I realized that God put that desire to create within me, it's part of who I am, and so now I do pursue those interests. And like you, I found that it is very beneficial for me to include my children in those creative endeavors, and I think that's why my two younger ones are so creative ~ because they have been encouraged and allowed to express themselves that way. And I just have to ask: What are you crocheting with the homespun yarn? :)

  4. Oh! What a great post! Thank you for the encouragement!AND, OH! What beautiful work you do! I am itching for a copy of the book you are illustrating!...Will they be available to us? :) Your beading and pretty! I love the colors and textures! Makes me smile and ..sigh..Just fun to look at!
    Hope your day is LOVELY!

  5. What an encouragement this post is for me! I do believe you are very much a kindred spirit. I can imagine that we could be sipping tea and would chat an entire afternoon away.

    Blessings and hugs!

  6. Dear Pam, This season is your reward! Enjoy and the Lord as always will bring a completion to every good work. Yes, you must finish your book!
    I just want to create and sew and try new things like never before.
    I want to take pictures also with you in a warm and colorful place :)
    Loved this post!
    Blessings, Roxy

  7. Thank you for the encouragement! You wrote this just for me!lol At least that's what it feels like. I need that little nudge, to get my creative juices flowing again. I have more time than ever but I've not been good at transitioning so far. I need to get those blank canvases out and have a go at it!

  8. Mmmmm I love your words mom, you are such a encourager. I always find myself spending a huge time creating something and then after I "wake up" to the house, a disaster because of the two little pups running loose lol! I have to come and read this post on days like those "

    I love you so much
    ~ Marie

  9. Mom your wisdom and love is a beautiful light to me. You are always so comforting and encouraging. I loved loved LOVED the pictures of your art work. I also LOVED catching up on your blog! We are in Clear Water Florida right now, which means I have access to some internet for a few minutes and I couldn't wait to get on your blog! This post needs to be submitted to craftgawker I was thinking! It is wonderful!!! I love you and miss you so much! I can't wait to catch up!


  10. P.S. I posted (shock gasp) LOL lots of yummy pictures for you and Dad :) I Love you.....

  11. Your post is very encouraging Pam. I have been having one of those weeks and everytime I have wanted to get on to comment then blogger wants to frizz out, its been frustrating to say the least. So, to be able to read your post has truly blessed me more than you will ever know. Children consume every thing from you and some days its challenging and other days its a challenged blessing. Ha Ha. I definitely think you need to finish your book. You are an amazing woman with so many talents. I still think we need to get together coming up here soon and cook! I hope you have a great week Pam.
    Love ya,