Monday, July 1, 2013

Preserving Basil

I love to grow Basil, and to have fresh Basil available as often as I can.  Its not always "do-able" to have it fresh, but there are "the next best things" that work really well.  It can be frozen, and it can be dried.  Either way, it still tastes better than buying dried Basil in the grocery store.  This year was a hard year for  us in the garden in every way.  But last year we did really well.  I froze and dried a lot of Basil, and it has lasted me until now, which I am very thankful for.  I did take pictures of my last years Basil preservation, so I thought I would share them for you now.

 Blend Olive Oil and Basil in the Blender.  The proportions don't need to be measured;  put whatever Basil you have in a blender and  add enough Olive Oil to make it pourable.  Keep adding olive oil a little at a time, and then blend until it is smooth. 

 Next pour it into Ice Cube trays.  Freeze it until it is hard.   

Pop the frozen cubes out 
 Place in Ziplock bags and back into freezer.
These can be added straight from the freezer into your tomato sauce.  It is wonderful.

I also dry a lot of Basil.  To dry, simply line a cookie sheet with Parchment paper and lay Basil out on top of it, trying not to over crowd.  Leave to dry for several days, turning the Basil periodically,
to equally expose all of it to dry.


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