Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tiny Tin Treasure Boxes

Steve has gone to visit  our kids and grandkids this week.  It is his turn.  It makes me so happy that he is getting to go and be with Elizabeth  and Nathan and their families.  Eddie and I are home holding down the fort.  I made these little tin treasure boxes to send with Steve to the grandsons as a present for them.  I have seen Altoid tin makeovers on Pinterest, and was enthralled with them.  I can't resist "little" things..... I have a longing to touch, feel, collect, create with little things all the time.  So it is nice to have grandsons and a granddaughter to be able to make things for, and share my fun with them.

To make these, for all the grandsons, I need 5 Altoid tins.... and since we rarely ever buy Altoids, I had to go to Sams Club and get a big pack of them.... Eddie was delighted to oblige in eating all the mints for us.  He got one of the tins that he kept refilling with mints as he ran low.  Now he feels a little gypped when there are no more mints to be found in the house. The mints are meant to help with good breath... but I'm not sure how good they are for the teeth... so, hopefully the grandkids will appreciate the sacrifice that Uncle Eddie made to  his teeth in order to get these. Ha, ha; I do believe you can order un-labled tins just like these online if you would prefer.


Altoid tins
Scrapbook paper
Stencil paint (for an antique look)
Decorations to glue outside and in such as:
Steampunk metal parts found in jewelry or scrapbooking area of craft store,
or check your hubby's shop
Old Monopoly, scrabble or any vintage game pieces
Designer tape (scrapbook supply store)
 Scrapbooking Decorations
Stickers with quotes or scriptures (scrapbook supply store)
Worn out children's books you can cut up

Stencil paint and brush to antique tins

Any "little" thing works... buttons, trinkets, game pieces, beads, scrapbook and jewelry  trinkets, old or foreign coins or keys and so on.

I antiqued the little monopoly playing pieces to match.

This E 6000 is great for gluing the ribbon around the box, and the decorations on top and inside.  When you use it, you don't have to worry about things just falling off or popping off like you do with other glue.

Love this "Designer tape".  It can be found in Scrapbook supply stores, and like the ribbon,  is great for decorating the outside edges.

Sorry I didn't think to take pictures of the beginning of this... but the first couple of steps are 
easy peasy,and so much of this is really just "serendipity" 
  It will come together easily for you.

1.    To begin, cut pieces of scrapbooking paper to go on top, inside lid, and inside bottom; you 
could also   cut one out for the underneath bottom if you like (I didn't decorate the
 bottoms... you could  and  it would look wonderful. Use the tin itself as a stencil. 
  Glue them on with Mod Podge,  then paint the outside of the paper
and tin with Mod Podge.
2.    Once the Mod Podge is dry to the touch (Give it 24 hours), check and make sure you
 can shut the lids of the boxes easily... if you got too much Mod Podge 
on inner corners or outer corners or  edges,   sand, pick, or peel it down until
 the lid shuts easily.   
3.    Glue  metal elements on such as keys or locks etc.
4.    Put scriptures on from Scripture sticker pack.
5.    Using your stencil paint and brush, paint edges inside and out to create an antique effect.
       You can blend it with the brush, or even smudge it with your fingers.
6.    Allow Paint to dry about 24 hours.
7.    Glue ribbon on outer edge of tin, or put designer tape around edge.
8.    Glue on final decorations.

               Antiqued around the metal elements  to keep the continuity of the aged look....

 as well as the inside edges, and outside lip of the tin

 Put the Mod Podge and paint on the outer edges of the red paint on the tin, to tone down the "new"  look, and make it look very old. Try not to Mod Podge the hinges, for this will cause a little problem with closing, and don't get the Mod Podge too thick inside the corners of the lid, or the outer edges of the tin, because it will make it difficult to close.. and take one guess why I know this.

 If you do get too much Mod Podge in places you don't want it, you can pick, peel, and sand it down,
so that you don't have any problem closing your lid... I did this and it worked.  Remember this is supposed to look old, so imperfections work into that look perfectly.

Ribbon or designer tape around the outer edge is nice.

 I gave a theme to each tin, and worked around it with tags, scriptures and decorations.

This one has an angel's wing;  I used the scripture "For He shall give His Angels charge concerning you", from Psalm 91 and put the wing on a  peg which I glued to the lid.  I then put  a little glue on the top and outer edge of the top  of the peg to keep the wing from coming off when it was  closed.  I was careful not to put too much glue on though, because I still want it to move back and forth.

 When you slide the wing, you can see a little friend hiding behind it.

 When I was little, I loved hearing about how Jesus and the Angels watched over me.  It made me feel safe.  I like to remind the little ones about that.

This one has a treasure chest pendant I got in the jewelry making supplies of the craft store.
It opens up.  

I put little tiny golden beads in it.  The top stays closed with a magnet, so those little tiny beads won't fall out.  Of course little grandson fingers might want to get them out... but that's okay.

The stickers are sheer except for the lettering; I put them all over the tin.  I also made  cards with scriptures and pictures for memory verses, and fun.

 Each Scripture card had a different element to it, and had something on both sides of the card to look at and read.

I  cut out pictures from an old torn up Richard Scarry book,  Mod Podged  it to a piece of scrapbook paper, and then mod podged both sides.  Once dry, I cut them out for little cards to play with and keep in their  tins.  I thought they might be fun to play with in Church, or somewhere they needed to sit quietly.

                        Glow in the dark stars and a few little toys added to the final treasures.

I hope these will give you some ideas of something fun to make with those Altoid Tins...I'm still thinking up ideas with them.. I think I might have to make some "girly ones" next.

Have a great week.


  1. Pam, These are amazing!!
    I would love to have a class with some gals and make these one day.
    I better start eating some mints!
    I hope to be really able to follow through with this super cute idea.
    Your kiddos are gonna just always treasure them. My kiddos would probably smash them or see if they will catch on fire or if they would sink! I will make them and keep them all till they reach 21!!
    See ya later alligator!

    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Wow!

    I stand in awe of your artistic talent. They are all beautiful.



  3. The little tins are adorable. Love the Bible verses do you have stamps for them? What a good idea for church. Just found your blog a few days ago and have enjoyed looking at back posts.

  4. Pam, these are wonderful!! You are so creative! I can tell you had lots of fun making them too. I was wondering right away where you had found all the tins, so I laughed when I read that you bought them and Eddie ate all the mints, so that they would be emptied.

    You continue to inspire me!


  5. Mom, I laughed so hard when I realized Eddie did the hard work by eating all the mints!!
    I devoured this post and loved all the other boxes you made for the cousins Mom. As I was telling you on the phone, on the way to church, Winston thought we had forgotten his "treasure" box and shouted, "we forgot my treasure box momma!!!" And I smiled and showed him it was tucked (safely) in my purse. Once we arrived to church he wanted to hold it and wouldn't give it back to me during worship! He pulled out all the little pictures and was extremely content :) You are so wonderful Mom. Thank you!!! And I am so glad you posted about them. Each one is so special! I think Winston wanted to have ALL of them when I showed him your pictures hehehe...

  6. Wow they look amazing what a super cute idea!! thanks for sharing how you put them together :)

  7. Forget the kids, I adore these little boxes! I hope Pastor doesn't see me playing with them in church ;) Nathan and I eat Altoids so I will save my tins for you... (bc I want one in my stocking!) haha!

    Thanks again for the beautiful surprise!


  8. Wow Pam! These are amazing! What special treasure boxes full of God's Words! I love it.
    Wow, I'm speechless...
    See you tomorrow!
    Love Ya,

  9. Oh my, Pam those are just beautiful. I love how you took an Altoid tins and used things to make such wonderful little keep sakes. You did a wonderful job!!

  10. These are treasures, it also looks like have been printed with offset color printing I was amazed by these, thumbs up!

  11. scrabble word finder
    Thanks for the step-by-step illustration. Even for a new learner like me, i have learnt so much.