Saturday, September 28, 2013

Better "Better Butter"

Quite a few years back, I was introduced to "Better Butter".  Have you ever heard of it?   Better Butter  is a combination of Butter and Olive Oil.  It is blended together to make a delicious and more healthful  butter type spread .  Because the Olive Oil doesn't become hard in the refrigerator,  Better Butter is also a way to keep your butter in the refrigerator and keep it spreadable.  Its a great way to have your butter and olive oil too;  if you know what I mean.  Well, just lately I have come up with a Better "Better Butter".   How can "Better Butter" get any better?  You might ask.  Well, you better get ready to butter your biscuits because.... you're gonna want a bite of this Better Butter.  You use "Red Palm" Oil in the "Better Butter", and now you have Better "Better Butter".

Did you know that Red Palm has 15 times more provitamin A Carotene than  carrots .....15 times more... wow.... and 300 times more than tomatoes do?   It is also one of the richest natural sources of  Vitamin E, and that is only a part of the benefits of Red Palm Oil.   Here  is more information about it.  These important tidbits of information have gotten me  hooked.  Red Palm Oil is very stable, and doesn't go rancid when used to fry.  It is also wonderful in Salad dressings, or in any place you might use oil.  So try out this Better "Better Butter", and tell me what you think.  This is not a product promotion by the way... just wanted to share this stuff with you.  You can order it on line or get it at the health food store.  There are a few really good brands; try Nutiva or Tropical Traditions as a suggestion.

 Mix Equal Parts of Butter (be sure to soften it at room temperature first), Olive Oil, and Red Palm Oil

Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender, hand held blender or food processor.

Put it in a crock and put into the refrigerator.  

It comes out a wonderfully bright "buttery" yellow color.  The bright "orange" that it starts out with is the color from the Red Palm Fruit and is why it is called Red Palm Oil..well, I guess that doesn't make sense, that seems like it should be called Yellow Palm Oil... but no the fruit is red, and the oil that comes from it is yellow; there, now I've clarified for you.  It is also where all that wonderful Carotene is.

It spreads so nicely after refrigeration.  If you prefer a stronger flavor or health benefit of any of the oils or butter, you can change the proportions to your liking. I'm even thinking why not try half butter and half Red Palm oil.  Just as a note, the butter is the one that becomes the hardest in the refrigerator, so the more butter, the firmer the spread... but there is still leeway to add more butter to this if you are wanting a more "buttery" taste.... while still keeping it spreadable.  Anyhow, have fun... and butter those biscuits baby.

Look at that jam and "Better Butter" in the early morning sunlight... isn't it pretty?

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Good Morning Pam,
    Now how can you make BUTTER better?
    No, this sounds really really healthy! I think the hardest part would be to get past the different color of just the soft lemony color of Butter. But it is sorta like the difference of store bought eggs to fresh eggs. The brighter the color the more richer nutrients.
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Hi Miss Pam!!
    So, better butter huh?!?
    What does it taste like? I think I would want to taste it before I "jump in"... I like to really bathe in my butter. ;-)
    Love you!!!
    (Great, "have your oil and eat your butter too" pun!!!)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful idea! I've not heard of red palm, I will give it a try! Perhaps Costco will begin to carry it...they sell nutiva's coconut oil..which we use in a lot of our cooking!

  4. I absolutely love your happy to have found it!!! Beautiful family you have there :) Everyone looks so happy!

  5. Now this is something new. I never thought there would be a better butter out there to try! We are butter lovers at my house! I might just have to give this a try, since I have Red Palm oil on my counter now :)
    Yes, the bread and jelly looks cheerfully delicious! I think that bright color will take awhile to get use to though, hee hee!

    Love you!

  6. That is really bright! I love butter. LOVE it!! I've never tried Red Palm've peeked my interest.

    Anytime I can get vitamins into my body by eating what I normally eat anyway is a plus :-)


  7. This sounds interesting. You are a great talent in so many ways.