Saturday, October 19, 2013

25 Cozy Ways to Enjoy Fall

 I was thinking of the cozy things we like to do in our family, that make Fall one of my favorite seasons and decided to make a list of them.  Some of them I've posted about recently, and some I will post about shortly, and some are thoughts, ideas or posts from other fall seasons or other peoples fun that I'd like to try.  Maybe they will inspire some cozy days for you.

2.    Go on a Fall Picnic and look at the beautiful colors of the leaves.

3.    Make a Fall Tea Cozy

4.    Make a Pumpkin cake.  My daughter Marie made the one I linked... I can't wait to give it a try

5.    Drink Hot Chocolate out under the stars: ( try this recipe, also from my daughter Marie's blog.)

6.    Go on a Nature Walk  and Forage for  Fall Decorations 

7.    Make a Fall Snack Mix

8.    Enjoy a Craft Day with the "Little ones" click here, here and here for 3 different craft ideas; the last two from my daughter Elizabeth's blog

9.    Make a Fall Wreath

10.  Light  Cinnamon, Apple and Pumpkin Pie Candles

11.  Crochet some Fall Hot Pads

12.  Make an Apple Pie

13.  Cut out Paper Leaves: 

14.  Have a  Homemade Fall Spa Day: 

17.  Make dinner in a Pumpkin Shell

18.  Make a Fall Gift for someone special. 

19.  Make a Fall Banner: 

20.  Make a Thankful Tree:  I saw this one on Pinterest, and want to do it this year for Thanksgiving.

22.  Make a Fall Centerpiece

23.  Snuggle up to the fire with blankies and favorite books

24.  Have a Fall Tea Party and make these wonderful scones from my daughter Elizabeth's blog 

25.  Make a pot of Chili; Green or Red

  What are some things you like to do for Fall?

Enjoy and be cozy everyone.


  1. Good Morning,
    I think this was the earliest snow fall I can ever remember!
    I really loved this post, but where do you find all the time :)
    Now I know where the term Busy Beaver comes in LOL
    I want a Fall centerpiece WHAAAA!
    Everything about this post was cozy and lovely.
    Blessings Always, Roxy

  2. What delicious inspiration!! I love every single item that you listed!!! And Oh, I cannot wait for all the upcoming posts!!!! Those hot pads look so pretty and have me inspired to make a few now! And everything else. Love the pictures, the ideas, pretty much EVERYTHING!!

    And you too of course! :)

  3. You have given me all kinds of wonderful ideas. Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Thanks for stopping by Maryann; so glad you liked the ideas.