Friday, November 8, 2013

Kitchen Makeover: Part 2

Well, we are half way through our kitchen/dining room project....and we are doing well.  We  are feeling excited that after a week and a half of mess, we are seeing our dining room come together, and the kitchen is on its way.  Here are a few pictures of the process.  I will post the the "after" pictures when we're all done.
We pulled everything out of the dining room and  kitchen and it is now in the family room.

 Do you want to come over for a cup of tea?  I think I can find the teapot in here somewhere.

 Steve took out the the cabinet and hood over the stove.

He got that old blue tile off of the wall.  You can see the tiles on the left of the pass-through window are off and  first 3 tiles on the right are off.

Next; Steve closed in the pass-through window....

 and began smoothing out the sheet rock that was a bit of a mess where the tile had been.  He then re-textured the kitchen and the one dining room wall.

 Kitchen side.....

 Dining room side with first tape and texture... Steve applied several applications of the texture, first to feather and smooth the hole to look like the rest of the wall; then he added texture to match the rest of the walls.

 It looks better already, just getting rid of the light blue.

 There was a skinny cabinet here that came down lower than the cabinet that remains.  Steve took it down and is going to cut it down to match the cabinet bottom of this cabinet.

Some of you wished me "chocolate to ease the strain" in your last comments.... Thank you for those "sweet" sentiments.....those were my thoughts exactly.  I made a batch of these and mmmmm they were good.  They are pretty healthy as far as sweets go.  Do you want the recipe?  You can make them in about 5 minutes.   I got it off of Pinterest. Click here.
Stay tuned for the last installment of  the "Kitchen Makeover" Series.


  1. It is already looking nice. You seem to be holding up pretty well during the revamp. That is an accomplishment in itself!

  2. Oh dear! I remember living through more than a few messes like this. It is always worth it in the end though. Looking forward too seeing your completed project!

    I just spent a wonderful hour catching up on all your posts! I now want to go to Alaska. So beautiful! I love seeing photographs of your family! Your recipes make my mouth water and your crafts inspire! I also love your Mary post. I've been thinking about that lately. It may just truly be a time in our lives, but I feel almost constant pressure to get one thing after another done -- whether it's my own agenda or someone else expecting something from me. I'll have to think and pray more on this one.

    It's been a joy catching up with you again!


  3. It's looking really good for the beginning stages of the remodel. And it does look better without the blue tiles. Amazing what a tile can do for the whole room.

    I'm glad you got some "chocolate" and those look yummy! I think I might have to go make me up a pan.

    Keep up the good work, it's gonna look AMAZING!!!

    Love you,

  4. So fun to follow along on your project! Looking forward to the "ta-da" moment!

  5. What a huge project and you've gotten so much done! I love how you posted these pictures...many of us can relate. When we re-did our kitchen our dishes were on a bookcase hubby lifted onto the remaining counter....for a few weeks. Its so worth the sacrifices in the end. =) your chocolate treat looks sooo good.