Friday, November 1, 2013

Kitchen Makeover

This week, we have begun remodeling our kitchen.... and then some.   It is a project that is about 10 years over due, I think.  We got the momentum we needed to begin this project, by the purchase of new appliances (some of them also long overdue for replacement).  You know how it is, it starts like this: "now that we have the new appliances coming, we cannot leave those cabinets without at least changing the knobs, because several of them are missing and by this time, they just need to be changed and....... uh... and...we can't change the knobs and not change the cabinets... let's go ahead and paint them, that won't be too expensive;  but if we change the cabinets, how could we possibly  leave those counter tops, I mean my goodness, look at them.... and oh guess what, I just found out they make a counter top paint that can make your counter tops look  like granite... we should give it a try,  I mean, it may not be perfect, but it will be better than what we have now; that will buy us more time to replace  them later down the road, when we have the funds to do so.... and of course if we are doing all of that we have got to go ahead and get rid of that blue tile in the kitchen that we have never liked,  yes there is no sense in going to all this trouble and not doing that and then of course it goes without saying that we have to paint the kitchen, and if we are going to paint the kitchen, we might as well paint the dining room, because they sort of run together.... and if we are going to paint the dining room, well, why don't we go ahead and close in that "pass-through"  window that we have never used, and build an open cabinet in the kitchen so that I have a little more room to put dishes, on account of the kitchen has always been a little bit on the small side... and lets bring up that old Armoire that we got from the "Waterbed Store"  33 years ago and put it in the kitchen and paint it while we are at it, so that I can add more cabinet space... ya good idea; and as for the flooring... well, that really is a project for another time; perhaps next year".

We are now in full swing.  We have a house full of company coming for Thanksgiving, so we have the needed pressure of getting it done in a timely manner, and the hopes of having it beautiful for our Thanksgiving guests, with not a hair out of place to show the trauma we have been through hahaha;   If I don't get a post out as quickly as I would like, you will know that we are either in the "throws" of remodeling, or Marriage Counseling.. hehehe.  Actually, we did a little marriage counseling ahead of time at our friends the "Jones", who have done more "in-house remodeling" than us.  Where as Steve has built houses and done remodels, we haven't done them together in our midst very much.  I have done some painting here, and there, and he has done a little remodeling in a couple of our bathrooms, but we have not done a lot together in the house while we are living in it."    Roxy and Danny prepared us, , warned us, blessed us,  prayed for us,  and sent us off to complete the task.. hehehe.  I do hope to post some updates as I go, and I even have a scheduled post that was I was able to do before we started, so you will know its coming and won't wonder "Why in the world is she posting about "cleaning silver" when she is right in the middle of tearing  her kitchen out?"  You will know that I did that last week... before... all of this.   So have a great weekend everyone and I will talk to you soon.

 Good bye orange oak, you have been a part of our lives for so long, but it is not hard to say good bye, because all good things must come to an end.
 Good bye blue tile, you were a blessing to Steve's Grandma, but now you can take a break.

 Goodbye Pass-through window, you were a good idea at one time, but get ready to be transformed into something new.

 Good bye ugly stove hood.  You served your purpose well, but now that your paint is coming off and you are being replaced by a microwave you must retire.

 Good bye dear oven.  I have been very grateful to have you and you have cooked us some wonderful meals, but you too must be retired before you loose all of your paint entirely and your elements are
no longer functioning.

 Good bye dishwasher dear, you have been long suffering and faithful, but when your hinges/springs broke,  your door fell open like a rock and you took 2 inches of skin off of my shin.....  we all knew it was time to go.

 Get ready all of you walls, for a wonderful new look, and a face lift that will delight you.

 Get ready furniture, to be moved and repositioned to a better place.

Good bye refrigerator, old pal, you will go on to living a full life with a dear friend of ours who needs your lovely white side-by-side doors and delightful ice-maker.

Click here to see the finished kitchen.

Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it...
 Psalm 127:1


  1. Ah you are so elegant with your words! Smile
    I am always so blessed by my visits and look forward to seeing what you do with this retire-ing kitchen that will be 'new'! Yea what a joy and we will pray for you as we as well have walked this path you are

  2. Oh my goodness Pam, you made me laugh! Thank you, I needed that today. :)
    Goodbye kitchen and dining room be continued! Hehe!

    It's going to be so exciting to see what all of it will look like once you are done. I love to be able to transform something old into something new! It's such a good feeling.

    You two will do just fine. I have great faith in you and Steve and if all else fails, call me and Roxy and we will be there quickly,
    with Arnold Palmer and chocolate!

    Chocolate fixes everything, you know.....

    Hugs to you and Steve!

    Love you both,

  3. I feel excitement for you.

    And trepidation.

    And impatience ... well, that's for myself - can't wait to see the transformation :)

    All the best. If I was nearer, I'd drop by with some chocolate every so often just to keep you sane.

    A xx

  4. Oh My Goodness!
    This was so super funny!
    I am holding my breath, and praying daily...
    It is going to be amazing and so pretty!
    Blessings, Roxy
    P. s. My office is closed on the wekends :)

  5. Sooo excited for you! I love pass through windows! Especially pass through doors :-)

    I can't wait to see what you do and how it all looks in the end. I'm sure it will look simply wonderful!


  6. Oh my word that was so funny Mom! You and Dad always make me laugh!! I am super excited to see the outcome!!! Thank you so much for your email. It was so refreshing to read this morning before heading out the door! I am just now getting a chance to reply I'll write you back soon!

    LOVE YOU!!