Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gifts of the Lord

Our children really are gifts from the Lord.  I can't think of anything He has given me that blesses me more than my children.  Steve and I have just finished our lovely week with our daughter Elizabeth and Grandson Winston.  We were like the thirsty and the starving this last week, as we drank and we ate of the joy of their company.  It has been a very full and busy week and a half.  We dropped them off at the airport this afternoon, and they are on their way back home even now.   It was quiet when we came home... too quiet.  I can't help but miss them; even when my tank is full.   It is important to remember to  rejoice in the blessings He gives us, and to treasure each moment we have.  Sometimes when our children are little, we don't think anything will change or that they may someday live in far away places.  But the Lord has His plans laid out for them, as well as us.  Each season brings change of some sort.   It is beautiful when you see His hand at work in their lives; this too is a gift from the Lord.  I rejoice in His plans for them and for us, and I rejoice in the joy and the moments He gives to us... they are beautiful rewards.

Behold children are gift from the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Psalm 27:3

 I will post some of our highlights in a day or two.   Have a lovely week dear friends, and rejoice in your many gifts and blessings.


  1. Precious moments and precious photos! They are beautiful! Looking forward to hearing more.


  2. Hello Pam, It is so sad to see them go, but you have pictures and you always make such happy memories!!
    We so enjoyed seeing them both.
    That week just flew by I bet!
    Your such a sweet and wonderful Mother and the Best Grammy ever...
    Love, Roxy

  3. Precious picture of you and your daughter. It is so sweet to have them come home, I so look forward to our kids coming to visit. Also waiting on the Lord to bring a Godly man into our daughters life so we hopefully can have more grandchildren, she has been patiently waiting for 36 years :-)
    Have a wonderful evening, we are waiting on a snow storm.

  4. Hello Pam!

    These are some precious pictures you have! You are such a good mom and gramma, they are all so blessed to have you! You are just a delight to me and my family and I just couldn't ask for a better friend!

    Treasure every moment!

    Love ya,