Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Tale of Two Movies

"To see or not to see" that is the question. Steve and I have gone to two movies in the last week with our friends Rox and Danny.  The first movie we saw  a week ago.  It was "The Son of God".  We loved the movie.  I think it is my favorite "Jesus" movie so far.  I would highly recommend it to you all; I don't think you'll be disappointed if you go see it and so I vote this as  "Go See" movie.

This afternoon, we went to see "Noah".  I had high hopes for this movie.   The trailer for it was very good. If you just watch the trailer alone, you will feel as if you have gotten a wonderful, well produced movie of a very special story from the Bible.  Even after hearing some controversy over it, we thought it really looks good; But, sadly, I can't say a positive word for this one at all.  We were all very disappointed.  If I had to describe it,  I would say it it was "Transformers" meets "The Lord of the Rings", and had a baby… a really ugly baby. Now let me add, that I am a fan of the "Lord of the Rings", as a story in itself… but not as something that should somehow be worked into a bible story that is real and true.  The writers/producers did terrible injustice to Noah, and more than that, they did  terrible injustice to God.  I'm really sad that Russell Crow played this part.  I've always kind of liked him. He did make a good Noah, and had the writers not ruined his Character, you would have liked him as Noah.  But  I am so disappointed that I felt that I had to come home and blog about it.  Alas I must vote this as "Don't see" movie… its a terrible waste of money, emotions, strength, mind and soul.

Well, "What did you expect?" someone might ask.  I guess I expected a well done movie about Noah and the ark, pretty close to how the story is told in the Bible, it doesn't seem like an unreasonable expectation do you think?  but… if you go to see this one, don't expect that.  You won't get it…. you won't even get a good story.  The one positive thing I have heard, is that perhaps it will put a desire for people to pick up and read the story of Noah from Genesis.  Perhaps it will stir up people's interest; it will open a door for discussion about God, and who He really is.  How He loves us; but he does hate evil.  So I leave it at that. I had the thought last night " I wonder if the real Ark is about to be found?"  Wouldn't that be amazing.  If it were, then I would  be able to see why that old "Deceiver" has been hard at work on a really great (or should I say terrible) counterfeit story. That is his pattern;  He's very jealous.  I suppose I can't help but wonder what is the motive behind such a terrible deception, what gives these producers a desire to twist the imagine of God, and truth.  I am comforted when I remember that the Lord knows all these things. He's not worried; nor should we be.  He has a plan even when things look dark in the world.  He has a plan even when you can see and feel creation groaning for its redemption.  He has a wonderful plan of redemption that we will be reminded of as Passover and Resurrection Sunday comes shortly.  He has a plan of love and He longs for the restoration of relationship with Him.


  1. Good Evening,I must tell you this is an accurate review of this movie. I was so disappointed in the terrible way they portrayed the story of Noah. I have heard today the director is an atheist.
    We worked in the yard all day...
    Love, Roxy

  2. Noah hasn't opened here yet but I'm well up on the reviews thanks to the Answers in Genesis ministry which I follow on facebook and disappointed as I had been looking forward to seeing it. My son sent me a text this morning telling us not to waste our money. I understand that they turned Noah into some kind of psychopathic environmental warrior.
    I'm also sad that Russell Crowe was cast for the role as I like him too as an actor and a person. I thought he was fantastic in Les Miserables. He is extremely generous to the community here and has done much good (he has a farm here - in fact the first property we ever looked at buying when we moved here adjoined his! Could have been his neighbour!)
    I'm kind of hoping it's a flop. Imagine if the producers had stayed true to the Biblical story - could have been one of the best movies of all time. Movies that stay true to the book or the true story are usually successful such as the Chronicles of Narnia and Amazing Grace. Voyage of the Dawn Treader is on television tonight so I will console myself that there are still some good movies out there.

  3. Thanks for the comments Roxy, and Ann. I really agreed with everything you mentioned Ann, and felt very comforted by your comment. I also have read about Ken Ham's conclusion, and lately Glen Beck and several others… I think many were stunned and bothered by the movie. I am hoping the movie will flop too… and make a big statement to the producers.
    Thanks for the comments.

  4. I have to confess I haven't seen either one yet. I love your last few sentences though. So very true!