Monday, July 21, 2014

A Quick Couch Makeover

This couch was my Mom's couch, and now it sits here in our family room.  It was a beautiful couch in her Henderson, Nevada home, and now it is handsome couch in our Colorado Western home (at least I think so). At first I didn't think it was something I would have picked out  for myself, but I have come to realize how much it really fits with our "somewhat" "Cowboy" decor.  It has a "Western" look underneath all of the classy pillows. 

I do love the color and texture of her pillows (above), but they are the source of the clash.

We realized that the fringe and the metal tacks give the couch  that "Western" look, that we like,  and the couch fabric reminds me of a cross between burlap, linen and cordoroy

We decided if we changed out the couch pillows, we could change the look of the couch in a big way. 

So I took three of the pillows and made them new cases.  I went with a Faux Cow skin, which I got for 40% off at Hobby Lobby and some faux leather, which was purchased as a remnant.  

In less than an hours time I had the pillows done.

We liked it.

I took the turquoise colored pillows and put them downstairs in our den…. and they went perfectly there (sorry no picture yet).  Then I took two small leather pillows from down there and put them on this couch.



Pillows are a great way to change up your decorating, without a huge expense.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. You're right...pillows (or just interchangeable cases) are a quick way to change up a sofa...or more! Love what you did to create the look you wanted! Looks great!

  2. Wow, what a difference! You did a great job with those pillows, and I love the way it looks now. Well done! :)

  3. Your sofa looks great, what a difference pillows can make. So nice you are able to have your moms sofa but yet make it yours. I cherish having a few of my moms things in our home, sweet memories in them.


  4. How sweet that you have that to enjoy in your home. I think it looks lovely, your home looks warm, welcoming and so inviting!
    Nice touch!
    Been praying for you, hard when our Mom's are gone...I know having some things are nice to have 'around' us!
    Hugs, prayers & blessings~

  5. Perfect! I need to re-do our entire couch and the pillows :-) Thanks for the motivational boost~