Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

This little "how to" is a quick and easy idea that you are going to love.  Some of you may yawn and say "I've been doing that for years…no big deal" but for others of us who haven't been doing that for years, it is a wonderful idea.  Last year,  my son Eddie and I bought cookie dough from a buddy of Eddie's who was selling it as a fund raiser for the baseball team.  It was great having access to that cookie dough whenever we had a craving for some "fresh out of the oven" cookies with a glass of milk, or to be able to pop some in the oven when company came by unexpectedly.  After enjoying that cookie dough for a while,  it dawned on me that I could make and freeze my own cookie dough… then at least I will feel confident with the ingredients, and when I pop them in the oven for company I won't secretly be wondering "how much Crisco can a person put in their body before the arteries start to harden" .

As it turns out, freezing cookie dough is simple; Scoop it, plop it, freeze it.  But there are a few little tips that help, so here they are.

 1.  Make your cookie dough according to your recipes instructions.
 2.  Refrigerate about 30 minutes to firm the dough nicely.

3.  Scoop the dough with a small ice cream scooper.

 4.  Plop each scoop onto a wax paper lined pan.

5.  Place the pan into the freezer and allow the cookie dough to freeze 30 minutes to an hour (until it is firm or hard).

6.  Prepare a Freezer Bag, or Freezer Container by marking the type of cookie in the bag, and baking instructions as follows: add 2 minutes to your recipe's timing instructions and bake at the same temperature; no thawing necessary.

7.  Remove the cookie dough balls from the freezer.

 8.  Place each ball into the Freezer Bag,

 9.  Fill up the bag.

 10.  Zip the bag shut tightly and place back into the freezer.

11.  Bake cookies by removing from the freezer, placing on a cookie sheet (grease the cookie sheet only if the recipe calls for it), and bake according to the instructions in # 6 on the above list.

These are wonderful to keep on hand for a quick dessert, and also make a great gift to a "New Mom", or busy Mom that you may know.  Enjoy and have a great week everyone. 


  1. Hello, I am yawning, but it is because I just got up :o)
    Okay, I do freeze my cookie dough, but I have pulled them out and let them defrost on the pan first.
    And they seem to be a bit dried out and over baked. So I will try not defrosting them!
    Thanks, Roxy

  2. Such a great idea MOM! And what GORGEOUS pictures AGAIN!! You have such a way that pulls me right in and I am at home :) I love you!

  3. Wow great idea ....why freeze it though when you can eat it hahahaha I am just kidding of course lol this would be good for my GF cookies then the kids could make fresh cookies if they wanted ~Thanks for sharing I am going to try this for sure ~Love Heather

  4. Hello Pam, I just wanted to comment again to tell you that I did try another batch of my frozen cookie balls. And this time I did not allow them to defrost. They come out perfect, I did have to add an extra minute onto the cooking time!
    Thanks for this!!!
    I think I will go have a cookie now!
    Blessings, Roxy

  5. You know... I know to do this... and have a time or too...but why not more often?

    I ask myself..

    This really is great! And, a wonderful time saver. Thanks for the reminder.

    Especially, for this time of year!