Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Home Journal

The last few weeks have been an up and down sort of thing around here; with fighting off a virus of some sort, to trying to clean up garden veggies (which I haven't really made a dent in), to enjoying Luke, to planning a trip to Florida to visit our girls and grandchildren.  I was able to can 9 quarts of tomatoes, and Steve helped freeze 24 quart bags of Chilies, and 5 quarts of corn.  That will probably be it for us for the year in terms of preserving food. I may yet cook up a few things for the freezer, as there is still quite a bit of eggplant, chilies and tomatoes in the garden.
We celebrated Luke's 32nd birthday a little over a week ago and went out to eat at the "Elephant Bar", which is one of our  favorite restaurants.  We had a great time.  September is loaded with birthdays  in our family, and to those of my very precious family members who we were/are not able to celebrate with yet… Happy Birthday… we're looking forward to catching up soon!

Luke and I have been doing some cooking in the kitchen together, and having a great time. I asked him if I could post some of his cooking and recipes; and  I was delighted to get to make some homemade ketchup with him this week, as well as a delicious French Apple Custard cake, all of which I will post about soon.  

We are feeling that Colorado weather at work, with all of its extremes; we had 35 degrees  one day last week, and in the 90's this week, all of which has kept us between sweaters and warm socks, to flip flops and shorts within a very short period of time.  As I mentioned earlier, we have had that crazy virus that has caused us to cough for more than 2 weeks. Perhaps the extreme changes in weather contribute.  So I  have pulled out all of our favorite remedies (and a few more that we have added to our list) and we are taking every last thing in triplicate. I am thinking to be healthy and strong and  have my immune system well defended by the time I go traveling. 
Now for those of you who have read this far, and have been wondering what in the world is  the picture I have on my header?  I will tell you at last.  It is a Pinocchio Eggplant. Well at least that is what Luke and Steve and I have called it.  It grew this way.  Isn't it strange?  Luke bought it at one of the Farm stores this week.  It is indeed a marvel. I would like to make up some sort of headline for it, because it seems to deserve it… but I am too foggy headed it will have to do as is…until another time.
  Hope you all are staying well, and enjoying some lovely Fall days.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Thirty-two! He is your adopted son...right? ;-) had him in your early teens...right? Crazy how it happens, isn't it? So happy for you that you have had special times together and that you have more to come on the horizon with your girls and their children. What a blessing! So sorry you have been fighting a nasty not fun. :( Hugs, Camille

  2. Ha ha Camille, you made me laugh. Luke is our second born/biological son. His older brother was 34 on Monday… so time is indeed ticking away. I was a young Mama, Married at 18 and having Nathan at 19. then Luke 2 years later, then the girls two years after that. Our adopted kids are 22, 21, and 18. Hope you have a great week.

  3. It is such a joy to come to your blog and simply soak in the peace and beauty. Thank you for making this such a lovely spot!

    And that eggplant with the "nose" - that's hilarious! Can't you imagine God smiling as He makes funny things like that grow? :)

  4. That eggplant there looks like he belongs to the VeggieTales lineup of characters.

    Perhaps he's (making this up!) Cousin "nosey" Ned... cousin of Jerry and Jimmy Gourd.

    Ahh!! you can tell my kids are still little and have a lot of veggie influence hanging around.

  5. Well, Happy Birthday to Your son!
    Now that eggplant is a really funny looking one :> )
    Hope you are feeling better!
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. French Apple Custard Cake sounds amazing! I will have to pop back for that recipe and pin it so I can give it a go. I always notice that colds happen here when the weather cannot make up its mind. It seemed that summer arrived with spring and we stopped lighting a fire in the evening but yesterday it turned cool again and I am just about to go and remind the children to fetch in some firewood so we can have a fire this evening. And as for eggplant. I have yet to convince my husband and children that it is a healthy and tasty vegetable. They get the first part not just the tasty description! I am the only person who actually likes it so I only occasionally sneak it into recipes.