Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Journeys and Jaunts

We've been on a few journeys and jaunts in the last month, with more coming.  I was in Florida two weeks ago with our girls and their families;  Steve and I were in Phoenix last week, and Nevada visiting my brother this week.  We are on our way home today, having stayed overnight in Grand Junction, Colorado last night.  Next week I will be in North Carolina with Nathan and Himilce and the "Grands".  It has been/is a busy month for us. Much is happening and changes are coming in our lives.  I will share some of those changes when the time is right.  We had a nice visit with my Dad and Kathy, Russ, Olga and Eddie while in Phoenix.  It was a very special time. We brought some of Russ, Olga and Eddie's things out to them; Russ came in from California to see us and stayed with us at my Dad's.  It felt like a little reunion, as we have not all been together at the same time in a little while.   I look forward to a moment when the whole family can be together and not one missing.  I believe it will happen one of these days.

There was a total eclipse of the moon last night; the second of four in a years time; an event that is very rare.  All of these moons happen to fall on Jewish feast days and are called Blood Moons, because of the color they become during the eclipse.  There is some very interesting information about them that I have been reading.  Search "Blood Moons" if your interested; info and pictures come right up. Did any of you get up to see the eclipse?  My hubby and son Luke did.  We couldn't see it from our hotel room, so Steve went in the car a little outside the city limits to see it.   I wasn't quite up to getting up at 4:30 to go see, so I snoozed, and Steve came back a little later and shared it with me.

We had a nice breakfast this morning at the hotel.  We are getting ready to leave, but feel at ease in our return home. Lots of laundry and catching up at home in the next few days, and then I will head out to North Carolina next Monday, where I will have a very special trip with our family there…. looking forward to that.  Hope you all have a great week.  I have a few posts planned so pop in and leave some comments; I love to hear from you.


  1. Hello Pam~
    Wow, you have been busy. It must be nice to stop in at home before you take off again :-)

    Family spread out....yes, the days of them all being together...when it happens again....what a special time it will be!

    We have always wondered where all our kiddos would end up. We laugh and think about how fun it will be to travel all over and visit them. Guess I never thought about it being tiring too - haha!

    So happy you're visiting and enjoying your family. Looking forward to hearing about the changes coming up.


  2. Good Afternoon, Pam!

    It sounds as though you are having a good time with all the family. I am so glad you get to go and see everyone. I hope you have a nice relaxing time at home, before you board your next flight out. I can't wait to see some of your pictures of all your trips.

    Until then... Take Care!

    Love ya,

  3. Sounds like busy and fun times. Always so special to spend time with family.

    Have a wonderful time on your next trip and hope you get a little rest before you head out again.

    Will be waiting to see what your changes are that you have coming.

    Will also be watching for your up coming posts,always enjoy all of them. Have a great time!

    Blessings, Cheryl

  4. Good Morning. Jump out of bed and go till the sun sets and we thank the Lord for another day and adventure!
    God will see us through them all. What sweet memories and how wonderful to see all the families. Especially those little ones, and the old ones and don't forget the middle age ones LOL
    Love reading and hearing your stories!!
    Love, Roxy