Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Madness Muffin Mania Marathon Month

March is one of those months that languishes between winter and spring, and always, to my way of thinking, leaves a person looking for some way to take away the dreary winter doldrums. Last year for March I decided to make a fun challenge for myself and came up with "March Madness Muffin Mania Marathon Month" I think the "March Madness" part came from Eddie watching basketball…he always loves March Madness Basketball….so I thought March Madness muffins because of my own love of the "Muffin"… (that makes sense right?)…. I was making a bunch for the freezer, and decided to post as many as I could, which became the "challenge"… thus… "Mania" and Marathon"… well okay, to have to explain some things, sometimes just dries up all the humor of it ...what can I say… except its good to stir things up now and then… make something ordinary into a little fun… So, I am going to do the "March Muffin Mania Marathon" again, because it was fun last year, and got my ideas rolling for new recipes.  So, if you notice a lot of muffin recipes going by on your sidebar or email this month… you'll know why. Also, I want to share some of your favorite muffin recipes this time around, as well.  I have in mind some yummy ones that I have seen on some of your blogs, and have mentioned to a few of you that I would like to feature them this month: If any of you have muffin recipes that you would like to share, comment or send an e-mail, and I will feature/and or link your muffin recipes.  The muffins can be sweet, or savory, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, snack or dessert… what ever you like.   See you all soon.  Also, you can find all the muffin recipes in my "Home Cooking" Tab under "Muffin Mania"


  1. Eeeeeeep!!! I am SO excited for March Madness Muffin Mania Marathon Month Mom!!!

    Annd, to think that I get to live close by you now and actually taste those amazing, mouth watering muffins! I am so excited!!!

    Love you!

  2. I love muffins and am always on the lookout for new recipes so I am really looking forward to this. Happy Cooking!

  3. Hello, I wish I had a post for a great muffin! I would share it! I only get March Madness in a form of a basketball around here! I do have a great cornbread, I need to make it for dinner soon! Have fun!
    Blessings, Roxy