Friday, April 3, 2015

Making Resurrection Rolls

We made some happy memories today. The girls and grandsons and I made Resurrection Rolls. These rolls are also known as "Empty Tomb Rolls".  We had a lot of fun together making a delicious mess, and taking all kinds of silly crazy pictures: so be warned…. excessive grandchildren pictures will follow… what can I say; I just couldn't help myself.  Thanks for sharing our fun.

Click here for the recipe and Instructions.

 Many blessings to you all as you celebrate the Passover and Resurrection Sunday.


  1. Your children/ grandchildren are blessed to have you nearby! :) I have heard of these before but never attempted them. They look delicious. :) I LOVE a post with lots of pictures.

  2. They are all so adorable! What a wonderful thing it is that you live near enough to do these things on a regular basis. I am so happy for you!! May the Lord bless you all as you celebrate His death and Resurrection this weekend. Hugs, Camille

  3. You indeed made memories! What CUTE photos! Those are keepers!! :)

    It was so nice to have your mom in law and hubby over after church. It was such a nice visit with them both. We sure did miss having you there too!

    And thank you for the pot of pansies, they are beautiful!

    Have a lovely week, Pam!


  4. Hello!!
    I want those cute little boys...
    Handsome and a little Ham Bones too!
    What a sweet photo shoot of those guys! Hugs and Much Love!

  5. Oooh, I just devoured these photos up Mom! Annnnnd the rolls as well lol!! I still can't get over how much fun we had that day!! I am so glad you captured it like you did!!!

    Thanks for being such a great Grammy to the boys! You have literally changed our lives since you and dad moved to Jacksonville!! Praise the Lord!

    Love you both so much!