Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Colorado Visit

I'm back in Colorado this week and next. Steve has been here much of the time these last 5 months, to finish business and the sale of our property.  As you can imagine, we have missed each other quite a lot.  A long flight last Wednesday, brought me in late at night, and now I am here on this Monday morning with a fire in the wood stove burning, to make our house warm and cozy on an overcast, rainy day.  I am glad I thought to leave some of my winter Colorado clothes here, because I have certainly needed them.  Spring is still on its way here, with the trees only partially leaved out and the temperatures still very cool.  The mountains are as beautiful as ever; the sweet memories that we have had throughout the years as we have raised our children have been running through my mind for the last several days.  The Meadow Larks have been waking me each morning with their lovely voices; a sound that I always associate with Spring in Colorado; one of the most beautiful sounds on earth, to my way of thinking.

I visited with Steve's Mom on Saturday, and had a nice catch up with her, and a friends birthday party on Saturday night. The days are going by quickly, as plans fill them up. I look forward to a few more visits with friends, and sorting through our remaining house hold furniture and belongings. I will be packing those things which are yet to come with us to Florida. Yes the time is already flying.

Its Tuesday now as I finish this post. We had rain all night last night and through the morning, bringing flash flood warnings, and a full creek which has now turned into a river.   I didn't bring my camera with me on this trip, but will try to get some pictures with my phone and perhaps do a post or two… but if you don't hear from me for a little while, you'll know I didn't get around to getting that post done.

This is a pretty picture that I always love.  It is our back yard, looking over the creek.

I love this little dog.  Her name is Ginger Peach; she belongs to Steve's Mom, Jo. Ginger Peach came to  Jo via my daughter Marie, and she is such a treasure.

I took this picture on Saturday.

 And this is what I woke up to today.  Same view from a little bit farther back.


 Today.  Yes, that's a lot of water.

I think its time to make a nice pot of soup and put it on the Wood Stove to simmer.
  Hope you all have a wonderful week.


  1. Love to wake up to the sounds of the birds singing, I so look forward to that each spring. Your pictures are beautiful, love how you can see for miles. After living in the north woods for a 7 years I am enjoying our views even though they are not like Colorado!

    So happy you get to spend time with your husband, has to be hard being apart. Praying he will soon be able to be with you in Florida!

    Have a great week!


  2. What beautiful scenery!! So different from Florida, and yet there is loveliness in both places. :)

    I'm so glad you got the chance to go back to Colorado for a bit. I'm guessing part of your heart will always be there, and you'll always be grateful for the times when you get to return there. :)

  3. Colorado is beautiful. Enjoy those special days with your hubby. :) I imagine that leaving the home where you raised your family must be a little tough. :) I still miss our first home. It was just a home but we made so many memories there.

  4. Pam - The property is beautiful!

  5. SO beautiful!!! What a blessing you are able to be there to tie up those loose ends. And, don't worry about blogging...take your time and get back to it when you are able to. These are important days...enjoy the journey my friend. Hugs to you! Camille XO

  6. WOW! I don't know how you can stand to leave that beautiful oasis. :)

  7. Hello Pam, Yes the water is running very high tonight in the rivers and creeks after so much rain today! I also just love to hear the Meadowlarks!I always have loved hearing the creek as it babbles but just not the fast running stuff that washes out the bridges! My favorite saying is now this one "God willing and the creek don't rise" Hugs, Roxy

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of your "backyard". The countryside is beautiful. Your situation reminds me of leaving my ranch about 1 1/2 yrs ago. It's tough. Hugs to you my friend.

  9. Sweet Miss Pam,

    These are wonderful pictures, and I'm so glad that you and your Rancher are back together.
    My parents are selling their beautiful Beulah land this year too, and I'm so sad. Wonderful memories there.
    Love you!!