Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Owls for Tea: A Fall Tea Party

My daughters and I are fond of the word "Cozy".  There is something about that word that makes us feel safe, content, relaxed and happy.  We are also very fond of the words "Tea Time", and have found that these three words do very well together as we often like to  have a "Cozy Tea Time" together.  It turns out that my grandsons are fond of tea time as well, and when they take a break from playing war, riding four wheelers, and digging in dirt and wrestling, being cozy suits them fine just as it does us.  So we are often in pursuit of a tea party with whatever member of the family we can include. You will find many varieties of tea parties on this blog, and this particular tea party, is a Wonderful Cozy Fall Tea Party, with an Owl theme, because 3 of my grandchildren were working on a little "Owl" Study in their work this week, and Owl seem the perfect accompaniment to the theme of this Fall Tea Party.  Here are a few pictures of our fun... and a couple recipes will follow; so, put the kettle on and enjoy with us.
We put up banners and decorated.

Himilce (my daughter in law), bought us these owl mugs from "Family Dollar".

So, so cute don't you think?

There were many owls at our party.  This one, and the little owl rocks that we painted (as seen at the base of the table arrangement in the first picture).  Himilce also checked out Owl books at the library;

..... I made an Owl Cheese ball;

....Sugar Bug wore her little Owl dress;

....and we painted some owl faces.

Despite her serious face, Little Sugar Bug loved her owl paint.

We used the Cowboy tea and coffee set, which seemed appropriate because of it being decorated in  "Fall type" colors, and because they were a tad more "boyish" for the boys.

Elon requested Pumpkin scones, so that is what we had.

There were also tea sandwiches, quiche and muffins.

I made up a batch of our favorite Fall Party Mix.....

.... and we drank cup,

...after cup....

...after cup of tea.

We read owl stories (love their sweet faces... such good listeners).

....and laughed and played and ate some more.

A Fall Tea Party Menu
Tea Sandwiches, including Cucumber Sandwiches, and Humus Sandwiches
Owl Cheese Ball with crackers
Pumpkin Scones
Pumpkin Muffins
English Breakfast Tea, Peach Tea, and Herbal Teas

Have a lovely Week Everyone!


  1. A cozy fall tea party sounds like a "hoot. " :) I LOVED everything about your party. Your more boyish tea set is perfect. I am going to hunt for something similar as my boys like tea too. :) Those grandbabies of yours are soooo sweet and the little owl dress too cute too.

  2. What a fun tea party!! I love those owl mugs, so adorable. I might have to go get a couple for the boys (and maybe one for me)
    I love your owl cheese log, how very creative!
    It looks as though everyone had a HOOT!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Amy
    PS...the boys didn't get an elk, but they brought home a cold ands lots of funny stories! ;0)

  3. Dear Pam, What a lovely tea party post... It looked completely owlish.. Those cups are so cute, I think I need me one! And the face paint, you girls have impacted those kids to love owls forever!
    Hugs, and I loved seeing you... Hugs, Roxy