Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Paper Shamrocks

A simple little craft for March is just what I needed this week.  These Paper Shamrocks are so simple to throw together, you will want to keep making them.  They are  perfect to make  flower arrangements coffee stirrers, or  some delightful garland to drape around and decorate.

Green Scrapbook Paper 
A small heart punch (or a larger shamrock punch)
Double sided tape 
Coffee Stir sticks
Bakers Twine
Glitter Glue
Tiny Buttons

Instructions:1.  Punch hearts out of the scrapbook papers (you will need six hearts for each shamrock, or two if you are using a shamrock punch).

2.  Lay down three hearts (backside up, pretty side down).

 3. Run the double sided tape several times over each heart.

 4. Place the three hearts together, so that they are slightly touching.

 5. Place a flat wooden stir stick down on the middle of the Shamrock.

6.  Add more tape to the other three hearts, and begin to place them over the first three hearts (wrong sides together). Smooth them down, pressing the two hearts together.

 7.  From here, you can decorate them if you want.

 8. Add buttons of glitter, or anything you might like.

 9.  You can use bakers twine instead of the stir sticks, if you want to create a garland.

 10.  Put them in a little jar, along with some Spanish moss and create an arrangement.

 or just a jar of stir sticks for a special coffee time.

Have fun everyone, and.....

May God give you, 
for every storm a rainbow,
 for every tear a smile,
for every care a promise, 
and a blessing in each trial.
 For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share
for every sigh,  a sweet song,
and an answer for each prayer.

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