Friday, February 8, 2019

I Love You Buckets

I have had a lot of fun making Valentines Buckets the last few weeks.  I'm calling them "I Love You Buckets".  They are just a quick idea for giving gifts or collecting Valentines Cards, but I thought I would share the little "how to" with you, and perhaps it will inspire some fun ideas.



Bucket (I found some really cute ones at the Dollar Store)
Ribbon, lace, fringe
flowers, or decorations of choice
Glue gun


  1. Using a hot glue gun, glue ribbon or lace around bucket (You can clip an opening through the ribbon where the handle is.
  2. Glue magnets to decorations
  3. Decorate bucket with magnets
  4. Stuff with tissue paper or shredded paper, 
  5. Fill with goodies.
Note: Other than the ribbon and lace, these buckets are all decorated with magnets.

Note: Look closely to  see where the ribbon is clipped to make an opening  for the handle to move up
 and down.

Place those magnets anywhere, to create a cute design.


Have Fun and Happy Valentines Day, Everyone!

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